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Double The Tigers

Crumbled piece of paper that came by courierI received this by courier yesterday (technically my dad received it for me). Inside there was a letter, thanking me for my contribution to try and help the dire situations of the Malaysian Tigers. 

I was also surprise to find something else in the package.


What is that? Well it is actually a shopping bag. Reusable. Sweet, not that I am doing any shopping in the near future but, my mom loves it. 

So what is this business of tigers and what not?

http://www.tx2.my/ is a project by WWF-Malaysia where the end goal of the project is to double the numbers of tigers in Malaysia. Yes that is correct its an initiative to save the Malaysian tigers. Why? Well according to studies there are more or less only around 500 tigers in the wild today. That is not much. What happened? We, Malaysians happened. I can type as much as I can but I think nothing says it better than video.

Check out these videos on youtube take a moment from your busy life, take a moment from farming in facebook or from watching funny videos on youtube.


This next one is from WWF-US world wide less than 3500 tigers in the wild. 

This one was a rescued tiger in Malaysia, ever seen a tiger shed tears?

From Al Jazeerah coverage

While we cant go into the jungle and try and save them from poaching and what not, let us help those who have the know how and the expertise do it. How? by spreading the word and if you can contribute some money as I did. If your in West Malaysia you can join in the activities. (as far as I know there are non in EM). The most important part now is awareness. Spread the word. 

Check out the last video.

Most would just be sympathetic about the tiger's situation and then move on with their daily lives. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it? 






I have sign up for the e-petition since 2006. And every time there was a campaign emailed to me I sign up. Clicked. The last time I logged in was early 2008. Shame on me. So here I am doing my part.

The current campaign closest to us is actually in Malaysia. Here is an excerpt I got from the passport site.

The Malaysian peninsula is home to some of world’s most amazing wildlife including Sumatran rhinos, Malayan tigers and Asian elephants. But these, and many other species in the region, are under increasing threat due to poaching and the demand for their body parts in the illegal wildlife trade.

Wildlife in Malaysia is currently protected by the Protection of Wild Life Act 1972, a 37-year old law, which is severely outdated and riddled with loopholes. As a result many species continue to be poached and illegally traded at alarming rates, whilst wildlife offenders often escape arrest and prosecution.

The good news is that the Malaysian government is now in the process of amending this legislation. But we needyour helpto make sure this will result in a stronger Act that gives Malaysia’s wildlife the protection it deserves.

Examples of the amendments needed include:

  • The Act should be strengthened so that all products containing or claiming to contain parts of protected species be made illegal.
  • Mandatory jail sentences and stiffer fines imposed for serious wildlife offences.

At the moment, the Act does not contain provisions to allow for active public involvement in wildlife protection. To rectify this, information such as the list of all prosecutions, convictions and sentences imposed should be made publicly available.


All you need to do to support this is to sign up, get your passport, and “sign” the epetition.

Here is the campaign link you can sign up there as well : http://passport.panda.org/campaigns/campaign.cfm?uNC=22686724&uCampaignId=1881

Any hows, after I clicked, I recieved an email from WWF Passport. It read:

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for taking action to protect wildlife in Malaysia. We will present your name, as part of the petition, to the Malaysian government in August 2009.

To find out more about WWF’s work in Malaysia please visit:


Thank you again for your support,

Dato’ Dr. Dionysius Sharma
Executive Director / CEO of WWF-Malaysia

P.S. Help us reach our target of 100,000 signatures by forwarding the message below to your friends and family. Every signature counts!

Shoot. 100,000 signatures. By August 2009. Its now June, two more months and if I remember correctly from the passport page, there is about 80% more to go. So if anyone out there reading this. Please sign up, get your passport and click the e-petition!

Here is the campaign link AGAIN you can sign up there as well : http://passport.panda.org/campaigns/campaign.cfm?uNC=22686724&uCampaignId=1881



PS. You can sit on your ass, but let your mouse click do the work!