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Next phase

Yesterday was my last day with Jump Retail Sdn Bhd. I have been working there since Feb 2007. 3 years 6 months. Learned a whole bunch of thing during my time there. During the 3.5 years, many aspects of my life has changed. I went to many places met many interesting people. Got to play with a lot of really cool gadgets.

What a journey it has been. I'm kinda of glad that it is over now tho... Feels like the ropes has been cut and I'm free. A very liberating feeling. =)

Many people ask me why, I reply, why not? Let us give something else a shot. That was what happen in 2007 when I got the job, no prior working experience in the line. Jumped right in. Came out 3.5 years later, still alive and kicking. 

So whats next? Well, the next phase starts next month. A little project which has been growing at the back of my head for about 10 months now. Hopefully all goes according to plan. Else I will go back to growing mold in my room. :P



quick update

wow, its coming to the end of the month and I have only made one posting! How amazing it that! well actually its very normal for me. I have this problem of not updating my stuff when I’m busy with work or something. So lets recap since my last posting here, what have I done.

Besides work, I have shot my friend’s latest purchase. The Yamaha R1.

It was difficult and exciting as I never had the chance to take photograpths of motorbikes before. They have more angles than cars. So it was challenging to find ways to take photos of it.

I think I did okay. Not too bad, considering it was my first time.

As you can see, I tried to do a strobist thingy.  hehe~ quite decent I think. Nikon CLS. More pics can be found on my facebook account.

Oh, this month our photography friend, Peter tied the knot with Staly. Congrats to them.

This was the craziness that happens when photographers gather without their equipment. :))

Video taken by Alvin with my Sony T90.

So after the dinner, we headed over to Kado, the usual hang out place for aspiring photographers. Whats the reason? I have no idea.

The madness continues.

So far its been an “action” packed three weeks. I just came back from a trip from Cameron Highlands. I went with Alex. I had a photo assignment there, and asked if he wanted to join since he was free. We went on the 12th July and returned on 15th July. Met my friends Jian Nin, Ian, Nigel, Kenneth, Thomas, Ivan, Siew Pao, and other new friends(Jack, Mickey). Good stuff. Will post photos of the trip once its done. I came back with 1,400 pics. ^_^” I was working on it for two nights. Completed now going to send it to Ian. What a rush, now I have to start packing as I’m heading to Sabah tomorrow at 9am. Gosh. Be back in Kuching on 21st July, then to Bintulu and Miri on 23rd and 24th. And probably back to KL on 1st August to attend Ian and Jian Nin’s wedding.

Just thinking about it makes me feel tired. Okay so that was the update. I better knock off from here and start to complete packing. Hopefully bring everything along.





trip 05 in 2008 PartC

+++Been so busy with work... until now have a bit of free time to continue to blog. trip 6 already came and went :P 7 and 8 are coming up! very back logged. +++


29-03-2008 (Saturday)

So the next day I woke up from my sleep and looked out the window

..and I looked down to see the rat...

*very flat rat!*

I looked up a bit...

*hee!!! Another rat!*
*friend what happen to you... >piak!<* *tayar*

So I after that I store my tripod and my camera gear and when to take a shower. I went down stairs to wait for Peter to arrive. As I have nothing to do, I took some street photos.


*Another look*

So Peter came by in his yellow warrior.


*We went to grab some fuel*

*Another of his ride*

We spent another hour or so to take photo of his Yellow Warrior. And then we had some bak-kut-teh for lunch and then Irene said she wanted to show me to another place in town with decent beach. As I had a bit of time to kill before moving down to Sibu.

So arriving there I was like, aiyoh. Cloud over cast, I dunno how to shoot wooww...

*Maybe looks better with sunglasses*
*Maybe can try multishot*
*Ah! Found a beetle!*
*Does this feel wide?*
*Woh! She can jump really high!*

Anyways we went for coffee after that, met up with Peter again and off I went to the airport. My first time flying in a Fokker 50. Which cramps about 50 ppl into the plane. The ride was just under 40mins to Sibu from Miri. I didnt know much so I did not check in my luggage. Bad move, as I was carrying 4 items, one for my clothing, one my camera bag, one my laptop and another tripod. -_-" Along the way to my seat I was storing things, left right and center.

*Looking out the small window*
*Look, its really cramp!*
*No idea where this is, but looks good and well developed*
*Sun is setting*

So I arrived at Sibu airport, and my parents fetch me. We had a quick dinner, and after that I drove down to Serikei, to my uncle's house to spend the night.

...to be continued

trip 05 in 2008 PartB


Yeah I know, I'm long winded :-P Anyways this will be less pictures as the previous posting cos I was busier with work!

28-03-2008 - Friday

So the next morning woke up had a late breakfast, visited some more dealers, the usual boring stuff. And would you know it, it was LUNCH TIME! muahahah!

So we(me & Liong) meet up with Irene. At a Thai food restaurant. It was quite good!

*her lunch*

*me acting busy again*

*I also got camera!*

*This is what I got from my phone*

*me and Irene*

*Liong and Irene*

So after lunch we bid our farewell to Irene and we continue to work in Miri. At about 530pm I went back to my hotel it was raining. I looked out my window and I saw...

*Only images I shot using my 18-135 & my tripod*
*I was checking exposure and a car drove by. -_-"*

Interesting things we see when we look out window, only if we take the time to look around.

to be continued...

trip 05 in 2008 PartA

27-03-2008 - Thursday

So as we know from the previous blog, I missed my flight to Miri, and I ended up in Bintulu and then made my way to Miri. During this trip I borrowed a Sigma 10-20mm f4.0 from Alex Teo. Just to try out some scenery shooting. Ended up I didn't take much of any scenery more of people with altered heads :-D


*in flight shot*

*whops! was not me! it was like that when I got there!*

In any case the flight to Bintulu was uneventful.

*See... Uneventful!*

Arrived on time and waited for my colleague to come fetch me. So I went online and checked mail. Check out this photo of me trying to look busy in a very empty airport.

*empty airport*
*act busy*

Liong drop by to pick me up and we went for a quick breakfast and we went to visit few users. Then we went to lunch and visited a few more dealers.


*This is Bintulu*

After that we had a quick lunch pumped fuel and headed to the Bintulu Promenade.


~Bintulu Promenade~

After that we left for Miri around 300pm.

*On the way to Miri*

*My driver*

Reached Miri around 445pm checked in to my hotel looked out the window and saw this.

What a beautiful afternoon. Anyways, I stayed in the room working on my laptop till dinner time, went out makan and came back and work abit more and slept.

To be continued...