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Wind Cave, Mulu National Park

After more months flying by I'm still trying my best to clear my back log, which is amazing because I'm jobless and you would think I have all the free time in the world! So I will try my best to channel myself into my mood when I was there. 

So here is the entrance to the hostel, Tongkat Ali. =)

In any case, the journey continues the next day. I think I did mention that my super affordable accomodations, comes with breakfast at the canteen. That serves pretty decent local food. After a quick meal I got my camera gear ready, and headed out to the docks. As the days journey starts with an hour's worth of boat ride, and because it was raining heavily, progress as a bit slow. 

This view is facing outwards from the hostel.


My companion. 

And since it was raining, got into their raincoats. Your truely didnt prepare for wet weather so had to run to the gift shop and buy the National Park's poncho. ;) Very useful stuff. 

All at the jetty waiting for our ride. 

This is our ride. A long boat. 

Looking back. All in all our little convoy had about 4 long boats.

Clear waters.

This fellow sitting at the front of the long boat had a very important task. But he was sitting down most of the time as the water level rose a bit during the rain.


When he spots area which are too shallow he stands up and helps to move the long boat along.

In areas where there were less obstacles, we went faster.

Some areas were, a bit hairy. brrr..

Good thing our drivers were experienced ones.

Ah.. Calmer waters. ;)

Yes, me, very cold and wet.

I would say about halfway thru the journey the convoy stopped at a Penan village which were selling many trinklets and handicrafts.

I am not sure if it was due to the wet weather or not only me and a few other tourist were walking around viewing the items for sell. The rest of the tourist just stood in a corner not even approach the stalls.

Football field!

Astro Sattelite dish! Progress!

After the quick and awkward stop at the Penan village we went back on the river and continued our journey, toward Wind Cave and Clearwater cave.  The Wind Cave is that this is also part of the Clearwater Cave system. But the speciality of the Wind Cave is the cool breeze that flows through this cave as you are inside and also the unique formations of stalagmite and stalactites.

Going into the dark...

Do you see a face on the rock formation?

Stalagmite and stalactites.

Shadow of a person ! 

I wonder how does it look like on top.

Heading back into the light.

Getting closer

Almost there.

Once we got out we had a pit stop for about 10-15 mins before going up to clearwater cave. While others were munching away their food, I went about taking in all the greenery and scenery. 

Our rides.

Dont you wanna jump in for a swim? 

After our rest and mingling about, it was time for the next cave, Clearwater Cave.


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[Gears: Nikon D300, 10-20]