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Didn't do much today, wanted to get the Blackmobile wheels aligned but the workshop I always frequent is too busy, waited about an hour. So I left. Bored. Will probably go again on Monday or something.

Came home around 4.15pm. Watched a movie called Gridiron Gang till now. A movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Quite a predictable movie. Probably gets a 6 or a 7 of 10 points in my book. Maybe because its American Football. I can't really relate to that. Or any other sport for the matter.

Then went and check website logs. Gosh, the Chinese (those from mainland China) are at it again. Sucking my bandwidth. And putting up all the photographs next to their porno crap. I found a hotlink prevention code, but it does not work, and the owner does not even bother to reply my emails. Ugh. Any case I noticed the bandwidth was being sucked dry but the pages served was significantly lower. As there should be a correlations between pages served and data transfered.

But nooOOooOOoo, they are basically stripping all the image codes, and posting in their pages. And the world know China has one of the highest population on Earth (1.3 Billion of which 123 million [10%] are internet users). Thats A LOT of horny people around. And when they hit a website, they really hit it hard! I'm flattered actually but, at least give me some revenue, as less hits means I can't generate more income via advertising.

Only certain folders such as those which I have codded into FLASH they are not able to link to. But I'd like to provide direct downloads for people without creating multiple copies. Headache.

Anyone has any ideas? Guess not, no one reads here no more.