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Never tried posting with out a title. I wonder how would it look like. Anyways another queick update. I just landed, showered and ate. I was in KL since last week 11th August till 17th August. Was there for work purposes and then moved on to attend the KLPF (Saturday) and then GRA (Sunday). Took a rest day on Monday.

Took quite a fair bit of photos. Will upload at the usual spots when I have enough space on my PC.


Cheers. Time to rest.



quick update

wow, its coming to the end of the month and I have only made one posting! How amazing it that! well actually its very normal for me. I have this problem of not updating my stuff when I’m busy with work or something. So lets recap since my last posting here, what have I done.

Besides work, I have shot my friend’s latest purchase. The Yamaha R1.

It was difficult and exciting as I never had the chance to take photograpths of motorbikes before. They have more angles than cars. So it was challenging to find ways to take photos of it.

I think I did okay. Not too bad, considering it was my first time.

As you can see, I tried to do a strobist thingy.  hehe~ quite decent I think. Nikon CLS. More pics can be found on my facebook account.

Oh, this month our photography friend, Peter tied the knot with Staly. Congrats to them.

This was the craziness that happens when photographers gather without their equipment. :))

Video taken by Alvin with my Sony T90.

So after the dinner, we headed over to Kado, the usual hang out place for aspiring photographers. Whats the reason? I have no idea.

The madness continues.

So far its been an “action” packed three weeks. I just came back from a trip from Cameron Highlands. I went with Alex. I had a photo assignment there, and asked if he wanted to join since he was free. We went on the 12th July and returned on 15th July. Met my friends Jian Nin, Ian, Nigel, Kenneth, Thomas, Ivan, Siew Pao, and other new friends(Jack, Mickey). Good stuff. Will post photos of the trip once its done. I came back with 1,400 pics. ^_^” I was working on it for two nights. Completed now going to send it to Ian. What a rush, now I have to start packing as I’m heading to Sabah tomorrow at 9am. Gosh. Be back in Kuching on 21st July, then to Bintulu and Miri on 23rd and 24th. And probably back to KL on 1st August to attend Ian and Jian Nin’s wedding.

Just thinking about it makes me feel tired. Okay so that was the update. I better knock off from here and start to complete packing. Hopefully bring everything along.