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Moshi. Moshi. Another day

Here are some updates to what have happened. After previous pissed off posting. I proceeded to email amazon.com regarding this issue. And last night I got a reply saying that they will exchange all the books for me. I guess I’ll have to pay for the shipping from here to US. And they will cover the return round. I guess its better than nothing.

On another note, I got moshi.

Was introduced by Jeffrey Sia to this amazing product. I got it in anticipation of the MBP which I purchased last week on 12 October 2009. I purchased it online and it is expected to arrive at my house estimated on the coming Friday.

But as you can see, it has reached Kuching on 19th October 2009. Actually I noticed the tracking yesterday that it has already reached Malaysia on 18th October 2009.

So I was out with Desmond this afternoon and I got a call from an unknown caller who said he was from DHL and was in front of my house already. o.O I jumped and rushed hope to recieve the package. LOL!

After inspecting the box and recieving it I rushed up to the room and open up the box. :D I would like to share some of the exciting moments below :P

:) and I’m now at Desmond’s place, needed to grab some software and so I’m posting from here ^__^ woo.. at least some good news amongst the bad news :)