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Trident Kraken AMS case story

Now a days its almost mandatory to have a phone case, I was not quite happy with the original flip case, as it didnt really provide much protection for a clumsy guy like me, so after a few weeks of looking online, I found a decent looking case from a local seller. I bought the Trident Kraken AMS case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and a car windshield mount.

Was pretty happy with the case, a bit more bulk and weight but saved my phone from multiple drops and slides. About two months in, using the windshield mount, the release broke, rendering the mount unusable.

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Rated Awesome; the Twitter Movie Trailer #2

If your into social media, then you would have heard of TWITTER. =) this short movie was made in response to The Social Network movie which will be releasing soon in theaters (October 1st, 2010). 

I found it quite hilarious that the one of the main character looks like Kevin Rose.

It was very nicely done. Listen to the lyrics of the song at the background. Its called "I Can TWEET" by Gregory Brothers.  

This is The Social Network trailer.

Which was based on one of the worlds top social media web sites, I'm sure you know which site I'm talking about right? Yes its facebook.com