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walk walk shoot shoot

Last sunday I was invited by Anna of Dine with Annna to join them (bloggers) for a eat/shoot/play/buat lawak session in town.

We met up at the Next Cafe (享记茶室) a fehmes (famous) eatery in Kuching. Its famous for many things, namely the delicious noodles(some may disagree), the long wait, the delicious soup, the long wait, the cramped of the shop, the long wait, and probably the antic’s of the workers and shopkeepers of Next Cafe.  

After the long wait every one was excited that the utensils came and started taking out the camera’s

This is everyone! Cynthia, YienYien, Anna, Rose, TimothyOur initial table was too small to fit all six of us therefore we ‘extended’ it when the people in the next table left. Then the food slowly came. And instead of digging in immediately we, as usual started taking photos first!

Rose taking a picture with her Nokia 5800XMAnna’s had a lot of practice doing this pose. xDTim: Noodles mine! Go away!Anna sempat make face.


Suddenly appear a plush toy!Then there were two plush toys!

We finished up our brunch hastily and was “halau-ed” (driven away) by an aunty who could not wait to sit down at our table, she was forcing her handbag on top of Timothy’s camera bag LoL. Some people. Walked to bishop’s gate and Timothy whipped out his light shaping tool. Anna and Yien Yien decided to play at the door / arch / gate.

Jump Jump Jump ! Kudos to Yien Yien for jumping in heels. When Timothy was finished setting up the light, they started to “work it”. 

Pro~me? I saw a cute birdy~It went to find a friend.Serious! Anna paying business loan

So that is where she keeps the plush toys!Yien Yien all wet n scared from the rain. LOL! Epic!Anna posing for Tim with Cynthia’s helpAnna taking photo of my sunnies, Rose taking her doing the action.Anna and Cyril at backgroundThe next photo was the most interesting and hilarious one. Yien Yien, Rose, and Anna posed for me with their hair covering their faces, was intended to create a creepy photo. Then I made a comment “Smile a bit” and they did (I didn’t know, I was making a joke) I followed up to my own comment, “As if can see”. Then they were laughing, I realised that they actually smiled when I asked them to. LOL!!!!

Scary picture turn funny pictureFaces of Timothy =)

Timothy the Protwins?Closeup.one leg stand!Group shot? Sigma 10-20 f/4Good shot by AnnammmmmSo after that we walked to the Old court house. But our journey was interrupted. xD by lek tau suan (Sweet green beans).


Close up.Anna kacau the aunty’s sweet green bean porridgeThe Aunty (seller) was curious and asked where we were from. Actually every time I go to shoot at carpenter street area, we get asked that a lot.

Alien Anna eating Lek Tau SuanRandomSo finally we made it to old court house looking for places to take photo. And Yien Yien was posing for Timothy when something funny happened. A kid saw her from opposite side of the road and started screaming out on the top of his lungs telling its dangerous and she should get down or was it to tell his parents I have no idea but that kid is loud! xD

Yien Yien’s Mantis Stance

Yien Yien was a bit annoyed~Random!1st arrow, serious! 2nd stable with hands! 3 not screwed on! hehehe I thought it was a fun pictureCleanshot! before she…

*Instead of making animations I decided to lay it all out in sequence. I think its better than animated, cos it would mean larger files but at smaller resolutions.

xDNot to be outdone…

No, it was just a coincidence. Or was it…Awesome!

<3 I think she is right eye dominantSigns that they were all going to too much LEVELing UP.Kick!learned that in class didn’t ya. Looks good!Random!Pakcik Tim’s turnKicked so hard that the sky crackedTimothy wanted Rose to go up there and show off some of her ninja skills… her answer was…

a big NO!So instead Cynthia and Anna decided to show some of the other ninja skills they knew…


Photo Observations

I noticed that light bounce off many things, even on cloudy days. 

Green castAs you can see from the photo above the green cast is coming from the blades of the “grass” (I have no idea what it is, definitely not grass, lets just call it grass for easier reference). Even up to the brows. That day it was rainy and quite cloudy. Yet it was bright enough to show the cast on Anna’s face.

I like the feel of the next shot, but it had a bit of green cast so I tried to post process the photo, and while I was at it, I removed some pimples.


I also added some red tone to the hair, looks kinda nice. No? There is still a hint of green on the temple, but much better than the original shot. IMHO.

Original versionIt was a very fun sunday for me. We all decided to go to Song Kheng Hai to have a drink and then left for home.

Rose relaxingWhen she realize that I was taking her photo…


till next time.. Chao!

Gear: Nikon D300, 50mm. 17-55mm. 80-200mm, 10-20mm & images were shot in JPG.