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Double The Tigers

Crumbled piece of paper that came by courierI received this by courier yesterday (technically my dad received it for me). Inside there was a letter, thanking me for my contribution to try and help the dire situations of the Malaysian Tigers. 

I was also surprise to find something else in the package.


What is that? Well it is actually a shopping bag. Reusable. Sweet, not that I am doing any shopping in the near future but, my mom loves it. 

So what is this business of tigers and what not?

http://www.tx2.my/ is a project by WWF-Malaysia where the end goal of the project is to double the numbers of tigers in Malaysia. Yes that is correct its an initiative to save the Malaysian tigers. Why? Well according to studies there are more or less only around 500 tigers in the wild today. That is not much. What happened? We, Malaysians happened. I can type as much as I can but I think nothing says it better than video.

Check out these videos on youtube take a moment from your busy life, take a moment from farming in facebook or from watching funny videos on youtube.


This next one is from WWF-US world wide less than 3500 tigers in the wild. 

This one was a rescued tiger in Malaysia, ever seen a tiger shed tears?

From Al Jazeerah coverage

While we cant go into the jungle and try and save them from poaching and what not, let us help those who have the know how and the expertise do it. How? by spreading the word and if you can contribute some money as I did. If your in West Malaysia you can join in the activities. (as far as I know there are non in EM). The most important part now is awareness. Spread the word. 

Check out the last video.

Most would just be sympathetic about the tiger's situation and then move on with their daily lives. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?