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Sofortbild - Mac Tethered Shooting

I know of a few software on the PC side of the world that allows tethered shooting solutions, and most of them are not free! Software being free is important for me, I’m just a hobbyist. I played around Camera Control Pro for 30 days and that’s it.

I have been searching high and low for a cost effective solution when I found Sofortbild.

It seems to connect (to the d300) faster on OSX 10.5 on my iMac compared to my MacBookPro which was running 10.6. I wonder if its really the software difference or just my mind playing tricks on me. I have not had my morning tea!

Testing =D (mutiple shots not live view!)

NOTE: This is a Nikon solution. I think/assume Canon EOS Utility gives out their tethering solution for free. I may be wrong, and I’m lazy to find out. Drop me a line if you know :P

Anyways I always wanted to do tethered shooting, for what I have no idea, but primarily for fun I guess. the ability to look at the photo on large screen rather than the small LCD at the back of the camera always seemed attractive. That said, the thought of having the camera tethered or wired to the computer brings about scary imaginations of wires being tripped over, laptops falling down etc etc. After attending Joe’s Workshop. I decided to re-look into this option. Lucky for me, I found the free solution(for now).

Sofortbild is a Mac only software. The requirements are (quoted from website) :

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Nikon D3x, D3, D2xs, D2hs, D2x, D2h, D1x, D1h, D1, D700, D300, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70s, D70, D60, D50, D40x, D40 or D5000
  • Optionally Aperture, iPhoto or Lightroom

I have Lightroom 2.0 on my Mac, it does not seem to appear as an option in Sofortbild as shown on the screen grab below.

I guess the auto import to Adobe Lightroom is still not avaiable yet. I’m currently using Sofortbild version 1.0.1 (57).

For the most part the shooting from camera and images show up in computer seem to work quite well. But the top buttons does not seem to work maybe its my fault I have no idea, need to investigate this further.

I cant capture, once pressed, the icon will be greyed out and you can click it any more until you manually click the shutter on the camera body.

The self timer, counts down to the set time but the shutter does not fire.

Bracketing does not seem to work either.

Interval Shooting. Does not work.

I think all this issues may be pilot error (me). I need to email them and ask as there are no support forums or anything on the website.

Even without the functions of the button, I think for my purposes its still very much usable. And I’m sure there will be a fix in due time.

To find out more, point your browser to http://www.sofortbildapp.com/ and if you like the app, click the Donate links down at the footer.


  • Free
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty & Simple
  • Relatively fast connection


  • Buttons not functioning (1.0.1)
  • Preview only most recent picture
  • No Adobe Lightroom support

Highly recommended by randomshutter.com! xD