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end of the month (i)

Wow time sure flies. And I only managed to do one journal post!So I guess this post will be a mash up of everything that happened this month (so far)!

So what has been happening for the past 3 weeks ? Hmm.. good quesiton..I have no idea. days seem to past so quickly when the year is coming to an end.

After shooting the Classic Mini

Myself and rest had a photo session at Barzing. Thanks to the owners to allow us to have a bit of fun in their beautiful place. We were so engrossed upstairs we didn’t manage to ‘play’ down stairs.



That night we shot two beautiful ladies. Elaine and Mariana. But I’m only posting Elaine’s photos for now as I have not complete processing Mariana’s photos. Elaine’s photos are HERE.

Here are a few more of my fav pics of the night.


Beautiful Setting


She did her make up herself~ nice work!Love all the details she did for her appearance

And following that, on Friday (18-12-2009) evening after work, me and the guys went on a street photography and sunset hunt. It didnt really pan out as the sun was hiding behind a bunch of clouds. haha! 


Mosque Selling newspaperI borrowed the TAMRON 2.0x teleconverter from Chze. plugged in my 80-200.


BirdyAfter failing to find good place to shoot the sunset we all decided to go down to the water front to try our luck.


Dewan Undangan NegeriClouds rolling in


My fav of the outingThen we decided to try out some CLS.


Mr PathfinderAfter about another hour of mucking about we went to carpenter street to have our dinner, at Aladin Cafe. 

Photos of the street shoot HERE

To be continued…

20081227 Photowalk

It was a late night at Lounge2 with Alex and the rest of the photo kaki's, and the next day I woke up and went to a photowalk with ckgoh, Pazuzu, Methos, Ghosttedd, Gecko and Micklong.

We gathered at local coffeeshop and had some breakfast and kind of rolled out at 9am. It has been a while since I did street shooting. Kind of strange, the last time I did was probably last year, and back then I only had my kit lens.

We shot from 9am and concluded by about 11am. We covered from about two to three rows of shops at Padungan road, then the back alley, and then the housing area behind.

Below are some of my favourite captures of the day, hope you like it as well.



My kind of brew



Go Slow~ Don't know why, I like this a lot . . .



This kitty was sleeping at a bench when we the photographers approach. I guess I was the only one who manage to catch it before it got annoyed and went away. XD



I did a higher key processing on this to bump up the colors. Both were kind enough to have me take their picture. The girl was very shy, but the brother was very friendly.



I guess it was quite a view, so many guys with cameras walking around your neighbourhood. Many of the tenants around the area, come out to the windows, and verandah's to have a look.

2 children observing us from the darkness of the room.

Father and son looking at us...

There were many other observers, but, I didn't capture them. hehe shy mah.... strangers...



Shot this when holding the camera upside down, and backwards on my shoulder... hehehe



I shot about 380 photos that morning, selected only 50.

You can find the rest of the photos at my MULTIPLY account. Ahh... it was quite refreshing to take this sort of images rather than the usual stuff, events events events...