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Slow Sunday

Yesterday was a slow sunday. As there were no plans to do anything at all. I woke up about 9 am and watched some reality show till about 1pm. Then went to the Spring to meet Stephen and Agnes for sushi at Sushi King. Since we had nothing to do, we brought along our cameras. After eating sushi, Stephen went to have some ice cream. Some how, Michael showed up, he was having tea with some pretty gals. Then less than 5 mins Foosi and Peter also showed up. And right after that Rodney also showed up. What a coincidence. And everyone had their camera gear. heh!

So we walked out to the car park area to see the Honda road show to stumble upon the F&N Freestylze. 


Stephen planning to buy a car.

Michael with his new lens, Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 he got some wicked wide angles. Delicious !

Let the dancing begin!

Ouch~ that is one brave move bro!

Everyone comparing / review pics. 

Then we decided to walk around abit and got thirsty, so went to Kluang Station to have a drink.

Rodney showing off his camera’s live view mode. 

By around 5.30 pm or so we decide to go some place else to find something to shoot. We ended up at Sejingkat area. And around that time, Alvin joined us. He didn’t just show up, I called him. Haha~ before going to the next location, he went home to pick up his gear and met us at the location. 

*click on images below for bigger image 1024px*

This three images above was very painful shots. As I didnt know the middle there was the house of ants. So I got ant bites all over my feet. It was itchy for two days. damnit!

Alvin posing for the camera. EOS 50D. Yummy.

Foosi posing for me. 

Alvin posing again, actually he brought everything except for the camera battery. AHAHA! Poor chap had to use his phone to capture the images.



Then Mick decided to go to the Kampung Sejingkat.


Love this shot, this guy was just standing there motionless, alone, holding the fishing rod. Amazing!

Then foosi was shouting something about kitten, so I went to have a look, sure enough there was one at Rodneys’ bum. LOL!

Awwww Kittens! dont you love kittens?

Hello there~

Kid fishing at the end of the jetty.

Love the warm colors from the sunset. I love clouds!

The guys.

It turned out into a pretty decent Sunday after all.  I guess it all depends on who your with XD. Thanks guys, till next week.



Gear: Nikon d300, AF-S Nikkor 17-55mm 1:2.8 G ED

Urban Vibes

Two Saturdays ago, I received a call from Pazuzu, he said that there will be a dance competition event at The Spring. I didn't know much and I didn't have much to do so I went for the event. Actually prior to that Saturday we, about 10 photographers gathered at Kluang Station, to try and snap the event. But the it was postponed to Saturday. Then on Saturday, not knowing when exactly is the time of the event, me and Steven arrived at 4pm and we sat around till it was 6.00pm, when the event started. Silly us. Pazuzu joined us at 4.30pm, and then Steven decided to go home to take a shower. So there was only myself and Pazuzu shooting the event. The funny thing was his Canon 50D ran out of power, as we were playing with it for the whole afternoon. And he only had one battery!!! I don't know why, but it was bloody hilarious. He was shooting the opening act, then 2-3 frames later he told me he was out of power! hahaha~ poor fellow.

It was a bit low keyed I must say but at least there are events like this rather than no event. Its always a good start to see young people (am I that old already?) showing their skills for the world to see.

Before the event started everyone was shy to approach the stage. They were all standing a good 15 feet away. Even those who were participating in the event.

Heh~ but as soon as the MC started to speak, everyone rushed to the front of the stage as if free ice cream was given or something. They were standing so close to the stage, till me and pazuzu cant really move or stand up, else we will be in people's view.

There were six solo participants and one group participant.

The two guys on the far left was the one and only group participant. Another two solo participant were late.

This was one of the first contestants, not bad. Got tired after a while.

This gal has some moves, playful.

This dancer's energy was endless, good moves too!

This dude got style~So I gave him 5 strobes.

This two was brining down the house, old school style.

Her dance moves were, I guess contemporary ? I dont now much about dance.

This guy was, WOW. While his routine was not perfect, it was still very much the most entertaining solo performance of the day.

Overall I think they should not have made it as an event, rather they should hire a pro, and do a demo with the other participants doing exhibitions and the pro would rate and award them accordingly. Instead, they gave the top prize according from crowd response. And 90% of the time, the crowd was not listening to the MC, as he was hidden at the side. Maybe if he had gone on stage it might have been better.

As they were giving the throphies, Saimon came with 40D. LOL! late comer~ Steven also returned just before the last few performances. A few clicks later the event was finished. This is because we all assumed that there were many performers, but instead there were only six solo's and one group! Therefore the event endded really quickly...

There is a lot of room for improvement still, but I think the organisers should not give up! I see potential!



Zuiho Daiko Drummers

This will be another back dated posting :) What else is new right??

I seem to have overlooked this event, only when I was reviewing my photos in Lightroom I realized that I have left out at least TWO albums.

The event was held on 28th September 2008 at the Spring. The Zuiho Daiko is a professional taiko (Japanese drum) group with intellectual disabilities from Nagasaki, Japan. They were at Sibu as well, documented by sixthseal.com.

You would never have known that these drummers have disabilities.

It was a really nice events, to me personally drum sounds & beats are very basic and natural. Somehow it strikes a cord with me.

Even the kids were having a good time listening to the drums

Apparently they are a convoy from japan that goes around asia trying to bridge the gaps between places that was occupied by japan in WWII... well, thats what this uncle said and was translated. Unless I heard wrongly.

What ever the reasons were, it was a good experience for everyone. The drums echoed throughout the mall.

A very enthusiastic drummer

Even the general public was invited to have a go at drumming to the beats.

The performance drew a large crowd. Many of whom were surprised as there had not been much publicity about the performance. I personally know of it when I was informed by YuanAnn & Allen.

When I was on my way home, I stopped by the road side to catch this~ beautiful sunset. Looks ok dont you think so ? No ?



For more images please follow the link here to visit the gallery, LINK.



dancing at spring

Dancing Queens ... and kings and princess and prince... hehe I was at the spring to meet up with Serene as they had the moon cake / cosplay gathering at the spring. When I arrived we saw a lot of people in black gathering  near Sushi King. I was wondering what was going on when all of them suddenly got into position and the music started! Seems like they had a good time. The participants were from all ages and genders. Some were really into it as you can tell by their finesse some probably just joined to I dont know kill time maybe?

A lot of people in black...

And here comes the music~

Among so many dancers this one is probably more seasoned than others? maybe? well the one who is having a lot of fun anyways the rest were mostly going thru the motions only. maybe. she is coolest cos she has belly piercing. :)

See how happy she is ?

Even the kids were having fun ^.^

Check out this video I took using the Nokia e71. Heh~ business phone also can take video, not too shabby I think? Maybe?

hehe this is a bit mean but, lady I know your tired and all but wow... your expression is really priceless