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Wedding days x3

What a week, I attended one wedding and covered two weddings (Penang). The first one was because I had nothing to do therefore I joined Ken Yeoh for the shooting. Have to follow the professional and see how its done! It was a very long and tiring Sunday. The first couple was Choon Siang & Yoke Ling. I will only be posting maybe a handful of pictures as this was a paid job for Ken, wont want to upset the clients now ya?

2010.09.12 - Choon Siang & Yoke Ling

The second couple was Derek & Shaled. I shot Shaled's portraiture a while back. =) check it out in the galleries. Ill be posting some photos to my facebook acccount

2010.09.13 - Derek & Shaled

The third couple was Aaron & Annie. Annie is my friend from college. Wow its been quite a number of years! 

2010.09.16 - Aaron & Annie

I am not sure if I will be posting all photos. I just took random pictures at Aaron & Annie's wedding dinner reception. There were too many photographers ! hehe! Also the main reason was I was not feeling well that evening. 

Time to rest, more to shoot later. Beyond's press conference & meet the fans session.