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Times bookstore @ Hills

I was having lunch today at mc donalds and then drop by the hills to have a look around. There were many shops which has not opened up for business but the Times bookstore was already opened.

So I walked inside. Looks like they have a decent collection of books. Walked in further I saw this

One shelf on photographyOne shelf is better than non I guess. What caught me by surprise was the selection of books. They had, The moment it clicks by Joe McNally. A really good book which I already bought from amazon.com recently (filed under: cha-ching, pissed off, long day). Times Bookstore was selling it for RM 170+ (cant recall exactly plus or minus RM20 :P).

When I stepped close to the shelves I noticed one book that looked familiar. As I got closer I realized its my other fav author’s book, Scott Kelby. The book on display was non other than The Digital Photography Book: Volume 3. I actually wanted to get this book as well along with my other purchases from amazon.com. But due to budget constraints I limited myself to 3 books per purchase to spread the shipping cost.

Times Bookstore was selling it for RM 83.60. I know in my mind if I bought from amazon.com it would be cheaper. But holding the actual book on the other hand is a different thing than reading and trying to guess what is inside on the web page. So me being weak and pathetic person bought the book on a whim.

RM 83.60 Well spentComing back home after work, I went online and check the pricing on amazon.com. As I suspected excluding shipping it was RM 55.07 (US$16.49). Add in the sipping it would probably cost the same. That is why I normally buy 3 books per purchase to spread the shipping cost and averagely save about RM 80-100 on 3 books than buying them individually within Malaysia.


Oh well.. I could not resist the temptation! ARGH!


Note: Images were taken with Nokia n86.