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Go Bald 3

This was the 3rd year this event was held. And every year it grew bigger and bigger =) The idea of Go Bald is for participants to help raise money by shaving their heads in solidarity for children with cancer to show them that we understand. That it is alright to lose their hair as they walk the path towards recovery.

In 2009 Go Bald campaign manage to raise about RM 200,000 with 113 shaved heads.

In 2010 Go Bald campaign raised about RM 440,000 with 405 shaved heads.

This year the campaign is expanding to the rest of Sarawak. Miri City raised, RM 117,000 with 112 shaved heads. So far at Kuching stop it was 455 ppl with 40+ ladies losing their precious locks. Also they are targeting to raise RM 1.5 million for a new SCCS centre. 

I was there to give support to Cyril and Fahriee. Unfortunately they didnt hit their target of RM 5,000 so there were no Justin Bieber dancing. xD I was at Sarawak Cultural Village earlier that morning. Almost didn't make it for the Go Bald event as I was fighting traffic and parking was a nightmare! As I arrived, I saw Cyril and Fahriee in line about to go onto the stage! Lucky me! 

This looks like Heihachi Mishima from Tekken video game xD

As Yien Yien said, he is one of those lucky ones who look good bald. 

Mr T look.

The MC wants the eye brows too! =D

Whew~ ?

Another friend, Jayden went bald.

Thumbs up bro

The botak crew I mean our local hitz.fm crew.

One thing interesting about this shot, the official photographer was somewhere else when the crew was taking the group photo, out of nowhere he came flying in bumping into me. Lucky I already got the shot. 

The botak (bald) processing area. 

Donations~ woot

Many bald people xD

Goodie bag collection area. 

This is a brave mom.

I wonder what was going thru her mind at that moment.

Supportive dad. I guess since his wife has gone bald, he supports her and the cause. 

Their kids must have been real proud.

Whos next?

SCCS always needs donation & help eventho Go Bald 3 for Kuching has ended you can still donate to SCCS. For more information go to their website. 


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