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Rainforest Music World Festival 2010 - Day 2

I know its been a month since the event has ended. My life has been a bit hectic since. Well at least its getting done right ? xD On day two I actually shot less photos. It felt like it, but when compiled into albums the amount was almost the same. 

The day started off for me around 10am. When the village started to come alive with preparation activities. Cleaning up, re-stocking, testing systems and many more. I lazed around a bit, checked photos and by 11 am ventured out to see what was the condition of the concert field. 

These were my findings

Day 1Day 2

As you can see the green was gone. And well, there was no need to ask, after day 3 the place was a total mudpie. Mud was everywhere, that was why the staff / volunteers had to wash the walkways and the surrounding area. 

Day 1Day 2Lets move away from all the mud-ness :D

On the first day I did walk around the village to see what was available but I did not take much of the photos. So on day two I took a short walk and I would like to share a few images.

Tattoo anyone?



How about Henna tattoo ?LKWAround the village where are stops where there are people showing the traditional crafts. Such as embroidery, painting, pottery and many more. I stop by a one or two and then got hungry. 

Yellow noodles?Sample to followProducing the end productI always assumed that the embroidery was done on top of the head. As we can see here it was based on a sample which was put in front of the embroider. But that is a feat on its own because there is so much detail, and she can just duplicate the pattern just by looking at it? Amazing. You can give it a try if you do not believe what an effort it is. ;)

Pretty tooCuteSome creative use of the material, but I bet it will be very expensive, I didn't ask the price. If you actually do give it to kids, all the hard work will be gone as it will be destroyed in a few years. If your buying it, display it somewhere and do not use it as an actual toy. That's my opinion xD

There were quite a number of food stalls at the village. You can always get food and drinks. No worries. Except if it was like 9am.

Food stallsMerchandise from the bandsMain sponsor WorkshopWorkshopWorkshopWorkshopWorkshop one of my fav shotsIt was hard to shoot photos and video at the same time as people were rushing towards me. I'm trying to avoid them and they were trying to avoid me. As you can see from the video below. 

After that my SB-900 overheated from all the random bursts that I did. =) So I had to stop shooting for a few mins.  And it was already finishing so the next session was up. 

WorkshopA while after they started, they got everyone on their feet. Again. The previous session everyone was moving about in the hall as well. LOL!

Workshop - Grooving to the beatsWorkshop - Lets moveWorkshop - Exercise? Bloggers spottedSecurity spottedEveryone waiting to have a good timeThere was time to even update facebookIron man arrivedGrooving to the musicAlbert said Come shoot me!Concertreporter spottedBatman spotted ordering pizzaDay 2 is done!

Video compilation of day two

So after a tiring second day it finally came to a close I enjoyed every bit of it. Could not wait for day two. 



Rainforest World Music Festival 2010 - Day 1

I know Its nearly a week after the event. Come on give me a break I need to work. And rest, I went 3 days! 

I arrived kind of late on Friday as there were some issues at work which I had to settle eventho I was already on leave. Isn't that how it always is? We are on leave but we are still thinking about our work? So this was my third time to Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). Previously I have been there on 2007 and 2008. Skipped 2009.

At the main entranceSince I was going for 3 days I had to bring many things with me, I had heaps of chargers and even bring along an extension cord. Which was a good choice because the village stay room only had ONE power outlet! 

The journey up was uninteresting except that there was more traffic on the road than normal. I parked my car at Santubong Resort, and then took a RM 5 coach to Sarawak Cultural Village, but I was on the big bus so it did'nt go all the way. It stopped at the round about, so I had to make the rest of the journey on foot. 

Finally reach the main entrance, whipped out my camera and took the shot about a 4:44:46pm (timestamp on my Nikon D300).

Security Check PointThe set up this year seems to be like every year, but this year the security seem more like locals than people from overseas. 

Checking for illegal stuffFor those who have not been to RWMF before your not suppose to bring in food or drinks from outside. All of that is available at the venue. By the night time there was a mountain of food and drinks on the floor. LOL. I took a picture of that, probably post it later on 2nd day posting. 

SecurityUpon entering the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) I found that there were a lot of signs all around. That was good. There were florescent font text everywhere

Emergency ExitNot only that there was a hugh presence from Heineken

Heineken bannerFresh and green before the madnessI'm pretty sure the tree was felled recentlyI have another shot of this after two nights of madnessThese pretty ladies were everywhere in case you could not stand the heat. I thought it was a pretty good idea to have people all around promoting a cool brew on a hot day. But... on the first day it was a bit rainy. Chilly, so we were all joking about the "heat".

Maps & programs everywhere.I like that they have all the maps and programs everywhere and signs. But one problem I have with the map in the center is that. Where am I in relation to the map? There should be a red dot saying "HERE YOU ARE" it took me like few minutes trying to figure out what was the closest building was and trying to find it on the map. 

'Food court' check out the dark cloudsIt has started to pourWet wetProjectors were placed all over the venue for those who didnt want to squeeze in.I was busy doing something and missed the first performance by Pingasan'k (Malaysia) and Debu (Indonesia).

I only manage to catch Bakih (Malaysia) onwards. 

Bakih, Interesting looking sape/ guitar?BakihBakihBakihThen it was Layatharanga (India)

LayatharangaLayatharangaLayatharangaLayatharangaLayatharangaOne thing I notice about all the bands which were playing live, they were really jamming to it live, as you can see from the picture above they were communicating thru the eyes. I am not joking they were timing everything live. Awesomes.

LayatharangaAfter that it was the Bisserov Sisters (Bulgeria)

Bisserov SistersBisserov SistersBisserov SistersBisserov SistersReelroad'b (Russia)

Reelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bReelroad'bAfter the great performance from Russia came I Beddi from Italy. No photos? No videos? What happened ? Well I got thirsty and hungry and tired so I went to grab some food and walked around to see if there was anything to shoot around the venue. There was not much to shoot. Everyone was at the concert. 

Almost everybodySeems I have lost track of time, because when I went back it was the last band playing. ~_~'

Watussi (Columbia / Australia)

WatussiWatussiWatussiWatussiWatussiWatussiWatussiSo the concert ended at midnight and everyone departed. I headed back to my room transfered some files to the computer, edited a short clip uploaded to youtube.com and crashed like a log. 

Here is the compilation video which took me 8 hours to upload, few hours to render. Enjoy Day One


Oh and I was taking photos and videos in mud and holding an umbrella! LOL!!! 


Full gallery here


Rainforest World Music Festival 2010 Preview

I actually wanted to post some photos which I have taken with my Nikon D300, but when I reach here I realize that I have brought everything except the USB cable. So in the end all I can do is post a video instead. While there is a Celcom 3g connection here. Its upload speed is quite slow, thats why I trimed the clip down to 30 seconds. 

More video's and pictures coming soon!




Rainforest World Music Festival

2007 is the 10th year the Rainforest World Music Festival has been organized by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB).

And for the past 9 times. I have never been there. Every time I told myself I would go, but every time something came up or it just didn't happen. Everyone of my friends were either reluctant or just plain lazy. Or just decided right at the very last hour to go or not to go.

This year Nick confirmed the trip therefore I also confirmed my trip. We had a room there. So we didn't have to commute back down to town when the event finished at 1.30AM.

Anyways were suppose to go up at around 11 or so. But many things came up, and we finally made our way to Damai at around 12.30PM (I think, I was not wearing a watch). Checked into the room yak yak a bit and headed off into the Sarawak Cultural Village where the Rainforest World Music Festival was held.

This was taken from the main entrance.

Above shows the main stage area. The concert area is quite big, when we arrived at around 3+ there were people putting sitting mats on the floor. Marking their territory. :)

The red circle represents our location for the night. Awesome! In the thick of everything. The sound system were awesome, the lights system where awesome and video system were awesome! LoL! how many times have I said awesome? Bwahahaha!

Secondary Stage

So here is the secondary stage where after each performance the crowds attention was turned to the Secondary Stage so the main stage could be cleared and set up for the next performance. Awesome!

This was one of the many workshops around SCV. The drums were always good and moves people a lot. Even tho the crowd was very diverse. Some instruments were very foreign, but beats apparently know no boundary. No matter where you hail from, when the beat comes you move with the beat, always.

While I applaud the organizers for a good event, I must say the available cuisine is Hmm... interesting... there was...

Coffee Bean & The Wine Shop

Why not more local stuff? local food and beverages would be interesting. I mean since there is already huge support from Heineken, meaning that alcohol was being sold, why not our local rice wine such as Tuak and Langkau? Nick's friends from KL were asking about this drinks. Tuak is quite special and its quite hard to find, unless you know people. Or you just show up and a kampung longhouse and ask for it. Langkau is kick-ass strong something which I fear, but many from a far still want to have a sip at it XD

Worlds Fav.

Malaysian Magic
This group of performers where on percussions only. And manage to get the crowd going. This was shot at a Rumah Panjang (Long House). All over SCV there were mini workshops being performed simultaneously. If I'm not mistaken they were from East Coast in West Malaysia. Awesome!

After about 5pm we left the event back to our room and prepared for dinner at Buntal. There are heaps of seafood restaurants over there. After dinner it was already 8pm plus. Judy was waiting for her ticket (she asked me to buy one extra for her and I was holding it, she was at the entrance waiting for over one hour and half, SORRY!). Her photos are HERE.

Well after getting in, went to our location as indicated in the 2nd picture above and had a blast. The music was awesome. No matter what LIVE bands are always the best. Better than any electronica or anything like that.

The last band Huun Huur Tu & Malerija was awesome. Both were from Russia, Huun Huur Tu near the Mongolian border with their traditional instruments and Malerija from I have no idea where in Russia with their electronic guitars and bass and electronic sounds.. both together you get a fusion of great music and great time. Extremely impressive. You get traditional sounds then suddenly the electronica and metal sounds come in, and yet able to compliment each other. Awesome!!!

I was there for 1 day of 3. I cannot imagine those who went for 3 days of workshop and party all 3 nights. My gosh, you guys are really legends. Seriously an intense cultural experience.

Well thats the end of my "writeup" on RWMF 2007. I hope to be there again next year~ I hope to see YOU there next year~!

I didn't bring my camera at night, cos it was bulky and I wanted to party XD awesome!


PS. I didnt complete the post just now, too tired went to sleep. 8 hours later completed it. :-P

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