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20081221 GRA Round 5 Shah Alam

I lied in my previous post. I said that it was the last posting about 2008. LOL! Actually this is the last post about 2008. I was so busy with stuff in December and early this month that I could not allocate time to post the images. After I came back to Kuching, had friends over, a lot of gathering and meetings. Then had to train new staff. Entertain co-workers from WM etc etc left me with a lot of images, stored in the hard disk.

Actually the final round of 2008 was suppose to happen in November. But because of some boo-boo made by the Sepang management, GRA was postponed to December. While it was slightly inconvenient, it was still worth it.

The day started off for me at around 7am. Unlike previous round, where I had to get there early. This round, I went around 9am (cant recall exact time too long passed. -_-" next time cannot over due post too long!). And this time Ivan came by to pick me up from my friend's apartment in a Renault Clio RS. I was very impressed with this stock Clio RS. 200bhp in a small sturdy chassis with Brembo's is really something else. Thanks Ivan!

Clio RS

Also for this round, there were more participants from Singapore as well.

This guy is good. I caught him flying off all four wheels. See if you can spot it in my pictures. :)

This round I didn't shoot much of the parked, cars. Focused more on the cars which were competing. As I was using my new lens. So I had to make sure I got some usable shots =P You can find the parked car shots in http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081221-gra-round-5-set-a/

For set B, its focused on the people. I wanted to shoot those hardworking people at the timing tent, but they all look so garang, I scare to aim there.... Joking... completely forgot. Must remind myself to shoot everywhere next round!




One of the marshals.





Ian giving a briefing~








Race queens with Meguiars car.. shockingly shiney, see the reflection on the bonnet! Amazing!




Lots of photographers. When a model pose, everyone jumps in. I couldnt, cos I have to stand far far away. So only can take candid shots =( downside of using a tele lens. Cannot get up close and personal =]




After lunch, the Pro Grass class started with briefing. Then a walk thru, and race!



Here is Ian, singing karaoke giving a briefing~ while...




...Nigel was being friendly with the race queen~ ^__^


Ok so this picture is not really well composed... I still like it, the pakcik there was not paying attention to where he is going already kekeke

For set B, I have split into two parts, part 1 is all the random shots while part 2 contains most of the end of the day, prize giving ceremony shots~ =)

The thing I like about GRA is that even the participants help out with running of the event.

Nigel helping to carry the prizes ~


Here are some of my random picks of the race~ :)



The crowd was not too bad... but most comments I hear from the crowd is that its a drift event. Some even commented that most participants could not drift. For those who still do not know, this is a time attack race. Not a drifting challenge!



It was like a family day~


After the smoke cleared...


Ian sang M.C.'d again

Ian duet co-hosted with MAM representative




When the prize giving was done, CELEBRATION!



I was so close to the action that my lens element also kena the champaign =]




So to sum it all up... For this round 5, I decided to post the larger file sized un-watermarked images in here. Cos last round everyone was asking for their images without watermark. Sorry didn't get to that. Please don't hate me. Work was, never ending.

Here are the links,

Large Files:

http://www.randomshutter.com/downloads/ - Part C has more photos than what I posted in the gallery. Cos there was just too much! therefore I split into 3 sections so its easier to download. All in all, if you download all the pictures there its 400+MB! Will remove the large files when I need the space. Thats probably at least 6 months time.


http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081221-gra-round-5-set-a/ - Participants cars

http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081221-gra-round-5-set-b/ - People shots at the event

http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081221-gra-round-5-set-b-part2/ - Mostly prize giving shots

http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081221-gra-round-5-set-c/ - random picks from the racing gallery.



Till next round~



For more information about Grass Roots Autocross, point your browser to grassracingautosports.com.






PS, thanks Ian & Ivan for the hospitality.