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Qing Ming at Sarikei

Every year we go to Sarikei to ‘celebrate’ Qing Ming festival. Today we left Kuching at 6.40 am and arrived at Sarikei by 1100am. 

This is the famous toast bread being sold at Aik Seng. Last time it was smaller, but now the bread is slightly bigger, but still quite delicious. They have other flavors as well but we only had the normal version. 

Aik Seng also had really delicious kampua with stewed beef!  ARGH!  Damn kao nice ! 

After that we went off to Sibu. There we had kong pia with roast pork meat

Love this photo, it shows that the kong pia is really delicious!

mmmm delicious roast pork! Last piece, MINE!Town of the SwansWell apparently the people in Sibu were big on saving the planet…

Normally kong pia is sold at traditional n dedicated kong pia shops. But the ones that we had were purchased at SugerBun. A local food chain. Now its been split up into individual units. Thats why you can find some outlets have different menu from others.

They even have a brief history lesson on its walls.reasonably pricedvariety of fillings 

I wonder whats in store for tomorrow. The streamyx broadband here is really bad it took me 2 hours to upload and post this photos! HAHAHHAA





Photos taken with nikon d300, 17-55mm f/2.8