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Green Mobile Alive

I dont really write much about it actually in my Journals. As I don’t want to post bit n pieces on and off. So since the last journal posting Green mobile update. I exceeded the time date line I set for myself. I wanted to get the car out 5 months ago. HAHAHA! Oh well I finally got it out.


Shot this last friday with help of Mr Jong

Right the story started about 6 month back.. or was it 9 month ago. Anyways it was too long ago to mention. I wanted to clean up my rims. As when I bought the car it was in a bad shape. Scarred pretty badly. It looked as if someone had went and used a screwdriver or something with a sharp tip to scrape all four of the rims. The surface of the rims were rough to the touch. I should have taken some before and after pics! Note: These are not the same piece of rim. I finished one, took a snap and then snapped the other one.

Before my hardworkAfter my hard workQuite a lot of difference eh ? Well some scar’s are too deep and I do not have the tools to clean it properly. If your curious on what I used to clean the rims. Here are the ingredients.

  • Autosol Metal Polish
  • Metal Sand Paper (coarse to fine)
  • Stacks of old news paper
  • Elbow grease and a lot of time

I manually cleaned it. Some people were saying that I should use chemicals and what not. But they didn’t give me enough information, so the only thing I knew was to do it manually. :P

This is a comparison between my Corona rims vs Celica rims =D

Looks good?Yup. After finishing the 1st rim, I was stoked! I did it in a week! 7 months later here we are ! haha ! 

Here are the pics from my last push to get the car out before Chinese New Year


Sanded down, on the left is polish!


Can u see the shine? Of course if you inpect it closely you will see this


This was the worse rim, the scare were too deep for me to sand manually. Will take Years for me to complete.

I put the wheels back on the car by Friday evening after work. Then on Saturday I went out to grab some fuel. Since I didn’t have a fuel container I went and bought myself one. And I went to the petrol station they didnt allow me to fill it up even tho it was made of good plastic. They said it must have a “SIGN” indicating that the container is storing flamable material. It cost me 4 times the white plastic one and it spilled all over !


All you need is a sign!I think its stupid. Last time they had the canister with extendable tip for easier pouring. This one is similar to the one I bought only bigger, red and has a sticker! I also got a set of new spark plugs for the Greenmobile.


These are classic spark plugs made for classic cars. Its getting harder and harder to find these babies these days.


Its probably cheaper to buy modern spark plugs but so far I have been using golden lodge spark plugs on my blackmobile since 2005 and its still going strong! (hmmm probably a good time to take it out and have a check)


special eh ?

So after fitting new spark plugs, plug back in the old battery, fueled it up. It cranked. I backed out the car.


Seven month of dirt n lizard droppingsYikes!

Check out the celica prints!


I kind a cleaned it up slightly. And drove to the car wash. After the wash I drove to the petrol station to pump in more fuel. (The red expensive container spilt a quarter of its contents out when I was pouring it in). Only to find that the car would not start. It cranked but would not turn over. I had to wait about 30 mins or so until one mechanic friend nearby closed shop and came over. Swapped in a new set of spark plugs and it started to life! The Golden Lodges were black as coal. Hmm.. wet in fuel.. Hmm.. seems familiar…

At this point I was wondering why the Golden Lodge was not working?

After that I went back home rested abit. And texted some mates from the local ol-skool nut house. Only two have seen my car in real life. So it was a show-and-tell session for me. After I told them about the situation about the spark plugs and I tried to start up my car again. Yes, it failed to start again even with a brand new set of spark plugs. So I slotted back in the Golden Lodge spark plugs. Which I cleaned and dried. The car turned over! So they were all speculating on wat could be wrong. Well to cut the story short, we tried to improve the “spark” by tweaking the contact. That seemed to work. I manage to get home that night!

On Sunday didn’t really drive it around only moved it around to change the ignition coil. I had a spare lying around. During our gathering we found that the ignition coil was leaking.


Busted!the rim offset is rediculous! woohoo Clean Rims!


So the next day I was supose to meet up with the guys after work again as I was driving out heading towards the main road…


I didn’t bring out the tools, so I had to leave my car, walk back to my house and pick up the tools and double back to the car!


Obviously the little tweak we did to the contact didnt work out.


this is me annoyed!The guys came by and replaced the contact with a brand new toyota contact. Brand new old stock! =) The car is alive again! So I went to their placed and tried on some rims. Smaller offset but same pattern/design. Good drive. Will need to get them soon. While I was there, I swapped grille with Jaffar.


This is my grillecheck out the emblemWell its been a while since the greenmobile is been running around on the road. I’m glad I finally got it back going. Since last month till now I have mad many minor changes here and there. Still a long way to go. But surely can reach.