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Air Itam Famous Duck Rice

Ken and Yenly picked me up just now around midnight and we headed off to tapao (take away) some supper.

Ken brought me to a Famous Air Itam Duck Rice stall. Arrived there and saw that there was a queue a the stall. We were probably the 5th in line. Even then it took us about 15 mins before it was our turn to place the order.

Pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90.

Ken waiting in line.

3 persons working at the stall but some how its was still slow. xD

I have never seen a stall where there is a Please Queue sign before. Penang was definately interesting place. Anyways we went back to Ken’s place and I just had the duck rice.

Its delicious and not really too salty. Jessica says another place better. ah… to me its good enough.

But RM 3.50 for such a small packet… MmMmmm can la… acceptable for supper in them middle of the night xD

Time to rest up for another day in Penang!



chicken rice

One of the most commonly found food in town. During the fuel hike even price of a plate of chicken rice was also increased. Some even raise their price up to RM 4.00-4.50 averagely. So some shops being creative started to sell a plate of chicken rice at RM 2.00. Sure it had less meat and slightly less rice. Still, if you bought 2 plates RM 4.00 you still get more than what you get for a plate.

Today nearby my office I saw this…

Some places, a glass of ice-milo cost RM 1.80! This one chicken rice is RM 1.80?! Wow. I would try it tomorrow and see if its any good.

Time to sleep, 1 am. Long day tomorrow.