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Using MyTeksi

I'm not sure if its frustrating for you but for me, I find a taxi especially in Kuala Lumpur (KL) always feels like a daunting task.  We always hear and read about unscrupulous taxi drivers who over charge and tries to pull the wool over your eyes. I actually saw someone share this application (app) on facebook and it kind of perked my interested.

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Swanky Sarah

Swanky sarah is a new boutique styled dinning place located at where simplicious used to be.​ For reasons unknown to me, it has changed management and got rebranded. But honestly the food still amazing. I think for the better. In any case you can dine and shop at the same place. 

NOTE: this establishment serves PORK. ​

Also when we were there it was not opened for business, but now it is!

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Year end review

One month after, I'm doing my review of what I did over the period of 2008. Gee~


Things that happen in 2008 :

  1. I flew out of Kuching International Airport about 24 times. I flew to KL, JB, Penang, Miri, Bintulu, KK. 3 were personal trips.
  2. I shot about 30,000 frames on my Nikon D80.
  3. I had 3 staff resign under me.
  4. I hired 3 new staff.
  5. I lost a Nokia e71. Got my incentive cut, and got a warning letter.
  6. I was given bonus and then part of it revoked, because the admin was trying to prove something.
  7. I met many new friends, some old friends got more distant, some new friends got closer. I lost a very good friend.
  8. I started this website/blog/journal.
  9. I had a girlfriend. We broke up. She deny that we were going out. But hey if your so scared of people's opinion then why even bother?
  10. Many old and new friend's tied the knot. Some were expected, some were un-expected.



Right~ so whats the plan for 2009?


  • Save Money.
  • Pay back owed money.
  • Spend less on photography equipment.
  • Spend more on my new old car.
  • Shoot more than 40,000 shots.
  • Master or at least learn more about flash photography.
  • Repair roofing. My room is going to flood real soon.
  • Make less mistakes at work.
  • Find a girl friend. Anyone who knows any smart and good looking ladies who are willing to take up the challenge? Few have tried, many have failed.

That's it. Easy peasy. Basically a done deal except for the final point. That one has a high level of difficulty, but I'll give it my best shot.





New Year 2009

I guess by now everyone has updated their blogs / journals about how they partied thru the night and did the countdown with all the beautiful people at the place where they live. And either they talk about the final day of 2008 and what they did and what will they do in 2009. Well I will do the same as well, slowly :P within a span of a few days time, I'm sorry if I'm long winded :-P

Let me tell you how I spent my countdown . . .

I was watching a movie which I downloaded called Resident Evil - Degeneration.

Resident Evil? Yeah, its the animated version. And the storyline follows from the games. Do a search and you will know what I'm talking about. I didn't even know that it was a new movie... As there was not much news about it, anywhere.

Lets have a look at the time line of the movies from the Resident Evil franchise

1. Resident Evil: Ground Zero (2002)
2. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
3. Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
4. Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

This movie looks and feels like the CG cut scenes from the games series. They did a really good job with the animation. But still some how the characters look and feel "dead". The lights, shadows, reflections and dynamics looks good. Motion as well. When it came to facial expression, it does not really come thru~ No soul in the eyes, maybe. To me it looks and feel plastic ... fake

Here are some screen shots~


As you can see the characters looks fake and plastic, why? because humans have imperfections, we are not born with flawless skin, or symmetrical face and etc. Its the imperfections that makes us unique from one another.

One thing that they did really well was fire! and water. basic elements of nature. But for wind, well it didn't really seem natural, still it was better than many other CG's I have seen before.

If you had followed the game franchise you will understand what happened in Racoon City. Else the movie was still very much watchable. And entertaining too.

If I had to give it a rating where 10 being Awesome and 0 being Rubbish, I would give it a rating of 8½ points.






So that was my quick review of the movie... now back to my count down story :-P if your still interested to know. I started watching the movie around 10pm and by 11pm I was sleepy so I stopped the movie and went to sleep.

Then my slumber was interupted by a loud bang's and booms!

Whats that you say? Thats the view of my window and the noise polution that started just right around midnight. I was so lazy to get out of bed, so I took the photo from my bed with the Nokia e63. There was some celebrations down at the Boulevard Shopping Center just down the road from where I stay.

It was all over in about 10 mins time, so I tried to get back to sleepzzzzzz.






Then the alarm went off at 4.00AM. rolled myself out of bed and started to get ready to go pick up the guys from MV Doulos, who are going to hunt for sunrise with us(nutters who wakes up at 4am to look for sunrise that comes at 630am).

Well, that's another post for another time ;) now I need to go find dinner. Hmmm... what to eat , what to eat.

So Yups~ Thats how I spent my countdown~ SLEEPING!


Cheers everyone~! Happy 2009!