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Long day in June

The day started off quite early at around 7am. There was a portrait session at 8.30 am. With some friends. The shoot was quite interesting as the portrait is of Affy, and some how every time shoot her the back drop will be green and stuff. I wonder why! 

Anyways I got to see something I only have read about and seen on videos. 

Elinchrom Ranger QuadraThe kit was a set of transmitters, the power pack (photo above) and flash (with the coil exposed). The guys were getting interesting results, so I too had to whip out my flash units. I only had speedlights. So it will have to do. CLS! I LOVE IT! Looking at the results from the day shoot, I'm quite happy with the results.

At around 5pm we drove to Pasir Pandak. Upon reaching we continued another round of portrait session with another model. This time round after getting a few shots, I got to test out the Elinchrom Ranger. While I was only testing it for about 5 mins. It was working fine, the color temperature was good. But for some reason I got this.

SilhouetteThe Elinchrom Ranger Quadra was suppose to light her up. But in vertical mode it seem to have failed for no reason. I guess its a beautiful blunder ? It was working fine after that, with out any change of settings on the camera body. 


Oh well, time to rest, another shoot tomorrow!