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Dragon boat at Kota Kinabalu

It was my last day of the trip in Kota Kinabalu (KK). The event started at 8am. I arrived at about 10am. Hungry and tired. But nevertheless quite excited to shoot something. It was quite a mess as the area they are having the race Likas Bay was packed! Both sides of the road were lined with cars stretching for kilometers!

A row of boats.

Upon reaching I see the crowd was very spread out, some event brought along their camping tents! One thing tho, most of them seem to be on a family outing or something. Good stuff!

Lane markers, to assist the dragon boats to stay in their lanes.

I actually arrived in the middle, behind the grand stands. So I walked along the shoreline towards the starting point. All along the shore line there were kids playing and enjoying themselves in the water. The parents / guardians were nearby. The sun was scorching. But everyone seemed to be undaunted by it.

How many photographers do you see? This is performance of the VIP


Hello Kitty flying away.

After about 6-7 mins of walking I finally saw the starting line. ~_~

The closer I got, I saw something! WOW! Was the only word that popped into my head. As I made my way onto the rocks.

Turned around, yup! the crowd is still there! They were not abducted by aliens.

Ehem. Closer view. Big cannon!

HAHAHA! I was not the only one interested in the big ass cannon! can you tell what is the brand of this cannon ?

Okay now, back to the serious business for a while.

The dragons are ready to go. They have been ready to go since 10 am! When I took the photo it was 20 mins past 10 am.  As we all waited for the VIP to arrive.

Well since we are still waiting for the start.. why not a snap. Hihi! Hello sir. Dont kill me for taking your photos ah….. since we all Nikonians~ XD from his expression must be thinking, who is this kid, dare to take my photo. Cannot see I got cannon ah!? * back to serious business! *

MUAHAHAHA! I saw her in this position and this was as close as I can get at 200 mm. I’m sure the d3 user can see more closer hu hu hu hu hu~ I want also leh~ But I’m sure she must be tired from all the waiting for VIP under the hot sun. Does not help that they are on salty water. Hotter! So remember, girl on dragon number 3!

Hello Nikonian~ 70.200f2.8 VR!

Speaking of Nikonian there was a girl next to me using D300. huhuhu~

START!!!! Finally

HAHAHA! Girl on dragon boat number 3 hanging on for dear life? Sure looks like it. Or is it more aerodynamic ? Eh…  where are your drum sticks?

Now the race is really on. 1. 3. 7.

Notice number one has drum sticks? Thats the secret to dragon boat racing la. No drums, no beat!

See~ easy. dum di dum~ dum di dum~ NO point shouting #3!

The crowd got so excited! I wonder why, its only one dragon with beating drums! kekeke~

Oh well, that was it. There were other races, but I could not stick around, I was hungry, tired, dehydrated, and sun burnt(from day before). There is too much (foreplay) waiting for less than a min for the dragons to cross the finishing line (climax) 800 meters away. Maybe I was just lazy.

mMmMMmMmMmMmm d3… niceness!


Oh~ and I found out why there were no aliens or monsters on scene~


















Cos ultraman was watching from the trees!!!