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Just back

Just landed back in Kuching today after a weekend over at Miri. I was there for work and also over the weekend paid for my own accommodations and such to see the Miri annual drag race. 

Miri SkyIts good to be back in Kuching! With all the failing broadband which I have been hearing people complain over the weekend. At least it works sometimes, Celcom 3g in Miri is just sad. =( Just wanted to share the above image which I shot at the race track at Old Lutong Air Strip. Man, it was a bloody hot day.

More pics to come at http://www.kaichia.com and more details on the trip later la...


Time to rest my weary head! Good night all! 




Right, so after a fruitful day 1, here comes a long and exhaustive day two (5th Sept 2008).

If you have not already figured it out, Sunday (5th of Sept 2008) was the race day for GRA. It was competition Round 3. Again I woke up uber early after a tiring day previously. And as I have stated in the previous post, I had a McDonalds drive thru breakfast. Kenneth a.k.a. v0ices came to fetch me from my friends apartment. He was one of the participants for this round, actually he only had the driver seat in his car, and cos he was picking me up, he reinstalled back his passenger side seats, just for me. Thanks man!

The journey to Sepang took about 40mins. Upon reaching, I ate my breakfast, and started walking around and checking out the cars that had arrived.

+Sepang Car Park+ 


After snooping around for a while, the runs started for GRASS level participants. Luckily I had borrowed a lens (Nikkor 70-300mm) from Stephen earlier. Actually I borrowed the lens last year as well, but ended up using my 18-135mm more as the Vibration Reduction (VR) was very confusing for me. Also my understanding of the d80 and dSLR as a whole was not up to where I am today. Which is just slightly better than before. 

+Drifter amongst the GRASS+


And when GRASS level was completed. There was lunch break, so I went off to check out some of the booth there and take some snaps of the people and the sponsors who made everything happen.

+Briefing from Ian Khong+



After the lunch break, the briefing of the ProClass drivers there was a quick bicycle race. Nutters they race everything!

+boy racers+


+My most fav shot+


I guess this round has the most pictures uploaded, had to split them into 6 albums. Else it would be too overwhelming to view. Also because of the amount of photos, I got many of them sorted wrongly. In the people album you will see a lonely car, in race album you will see people portrait shots. Just too lazy to fix them.

So after everything was said and done came the prize giving ceremony. Which was about 5.00pm or so. Cant remember exactly.

+First Overall. Hmm... Large picture+



video taken by undasteer.com.

+I don't know his name but he is definitely the guy taking the video linked above. Maximum Zoom+

+Thanks Kenneth aka v0ices for taking the trouble+

When we left the venue, it was already closing to 7.30pm. Then the guys unloaded the equiptment at the garage, and off we went for a late night dinner.

Had a blast the whole weekend, but there was also a cloud over my head all day cos I had to go for meeting on Monday. It was suppose to be a personal trip turned work trip. Still I cant complain, since my company paid for the air tickets in the end.

Whew, one down and many more back log blogs to go! September is really really a action jam packed month for me!


ps the internet connection sux, I started this post at 11:04pm, its now 1:24AM!