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Qing Ming 2010

Woke up around 6am got ready and left for the cemetry around 7am.

Today we had clear and really blue skies. I didn’t take much of the environment party I didn’t want to, and I was trying something different. Just to share some more close ups of the morning events. Also I wanted to play around with my new 50mm lens.

In fact we had a scorching day. Should have brought my cowboy hat. 

Oranges for the land diety

Paper money for the ancestors

Food Offerings (not posting other foodstuff :P)

Easier to burn this way

Candlelight ?

Light them up

Fresh flowers



Some that came out

Wine pouring

Modern looking notes

We all had our own hats

Cos it was a very very hot sunday

After that we went back to town, had lunch and prepared to depart back to Kuching. I was actually uploading the photos halfway den had to go, the line is seriously bad over there. Lucky I had my mobile broadband. Anyways, the rest of the posting is completed back in Kuching~ hahaha!

If you had read the Qing Ming at Sarikei, you would have noticed I have had a local delicacy called Kong Pia. Back in 2006 I did a journal post on the same topic. There is a pretty decent Kong Pia maker in Sarikei which my family always frequent when we are in town. Looking back at the old photos taken with my SE w800i. Seems like not much have changed~ The production line is still the same !  everyone seems to be standing at the same position too ^__^

So here are the updated photos from 2010…

A close up look of the charcoal stove that is being used to bake the dough

Flying kong piaCloseup of flying kong piaReady to be cookedMore flying Kong Pia‘harvest’ time hahaha

Wider shot~Time to pay up! The place was a bit cramp and I could not step inside. I did not want to disrupt their ‘production line’. They were pretty ok with me taking a few photos. I didn’t want to get kicked out. Maybe next year can go in have a snap from another angle from within the shop xD

What a tiring trip! We left Sarikei at 12:16pm arriving in Kuching at 5:13pm. 5 hours. 30 mins break at a coffeeshop and 5 mins to refuel at a petrol station. So actual travel time was about 4.5 hours. not too bad. The roads have improved tremendously from the past 6 years.

Time to enjoy the Kong Pia~