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Well… its been a while since I bought anything off amazon.com. The last time I bought anything was well, in march 2008. Only other online store I go to is shashinki.com.

Actually I have book marked a few books to purchase. And I have been looking for them high and low on our local bookstores. I kind of got a shock when I saw one of the books which I wanted to buy at RM 300+ When it was only selling for under US$30.00 on amazon.com. How is that even possible? So this round I got me 3 books totaling just under US$80.00 Plus shipping of US$19.00. I figured its worth it as I am getting 3 books buying on amazon.com as compared to going to one of the local book stores.

Before you go off and say try other book stores. I did. I visited nearly all the major book stores in Malaysia. And I could not find what I wanted. Only saw it once in BORDERS and it was damaged with torn pages in it!.

What I found interesting was it takes nearly a month for the books to be shipped. Well, tentatively arriving on 27th October 2009. LOL! Yeah, I “swipped” my credit card online, two days ago. And its coming a month plus from now!

Well it was the same as last time I bought books from amazon.com. I totally forgot about them until they arrived. It was in pretty good condition. But I heard from Lance, that his books were damage during shipment. I hope they didn’t cut cost and removed the padding which they usually used.  Ahh well we shall see in a months time.

Time to go to sleep… 2am is here.. another work day tomorrow.. grind.. grind..