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new ride

On 26th November 2008 I recieved a msg from my Dad. He said his friend has found the car that I was looking for and was in quite decent condition. And the owner would only be back home around 10pm. So if we wanted to view the ride, it would have to be after 10pm.

So I stay home (not that I was going to go out or anything cos I was still kinda sick after Miri [3 week and counting]), rested and wacthed some movies. I was not really keen to view the car at night. And I was not expecting much of it. By 10pm drove to meet the guy at a coffeeshop. Then off we went trailing behind his Kancil to an unknown destination in the middle of the night.

The drive was about 25mins. And after that we headed off the main road into small kampung road. And drove another 6-8 mins.

Then we stopped and walked for another 4-5 mins. As it was kind of drizzling and the road was muddy and slippery. There were no lights along the way as the house was a kampung house.

Anyways after much hassle we reached the car and I inspeted it the best I could in the middle of the night in the dark. Had to use the light from the hand phones to see anything. But I can tell over all the car was still quite solid. And the mechanic who introduced the car told use that the under carriage was still in good condition.

After considering about it for 5 mins I paid deposit and left.

The next day, during lunch break I skipped lunch and headed to PUSPAKOM. With the new rulling in effect, where any transfer of names must have their cars inspected at PUSPAKOM before going to JPJ to transfer the ownership.  The runner introduced by a friend did all the work so we just handed him the car and the documents.

By Friday (28th Nov) I was told by the runner that there was a problem with my car. Everything checks out except for the serial number of the pink slip of the car. How was that possible when the car was just transfered to the previous owner last year? And nothing was amiss. Anyways the runner said he will try to deal with it. The runner was no help as he said if the JPJ said cannot transfer because of the error then cannot. I asked him what was the problem and how can it be solved, he said he didn't know. So I got worried, and the owner also got worried. I guess he was worried he could not sell the car and I could not buy the car.  Around noon he called me and said everything was settled and I can go and collect the docutments.

When I met him he said he had to pay extra RM 100 to get the issue resolved. Problem was the issue was not my problem nor the previous owners problem. I suspect that the computer error was a human error. Why do I get penalized for their error? By no choice I had to pay RM 100 more to the runner. Actually I dont even know if the issue is areal one or not, or he was just conning me. Either way I got the pink slip and left.

Curious of what the new ride looks like? Let me show you the famous "ass" of the car, why the rear? Well its very distinctive and one. Unlike the new and boring ones in town :)

Things to do: The door panels have to be reworked. Rims have to be checked for roundness. Seals have to be changed. Exhaust pipes needs to be replaced, as it has few holes in it. Tires need to be changed, all four are using different brands n threads.  Remove the solid stickers in the front screen. Change front bumper. Put in a radio and some speakers. Window winds have to be replaced. Paint have to be sanded and polished. Shaft coupling needs to be swapped as well. Wires need to be re wired. Seats need to be re wrapped. Alarm system needs to be upgraded. Brakes need to be upgraded. Engine needs to produce more power. Cooling system needs to be swapped to a more modern system. Steering needs to be changed, current one is too tiny.

So far the engine and suspension looks okay. But its hard to tell until I drive it a bit more and do more checks. On its reliability and consistancy. One thing is for sure, its lacking of power and the brakes need to be upgraded. It does not really stop right now, needs to apply a lot of pressure. Still a long way to catch up with my Blackmobile. Well I just got the ride, it will take me at least two years or so to bring it up to where I want it to be in terms of looks and performance. Slow and steady.

Anyone who has parts for me? Call me and lets have a chat :-)