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Sen Wang Kong Temple Procession

So fast a year has passed. It seemed like just yesterday that I have experienced the heat of shooting the Fire Walk at Sen Wang Kong Temple. Unfortunately for those who want to experience the fire walk, you have to wait another 11 years. :)

During one of my sharing ‚Äčat a local photography forum, a member remarked that I should choose the best ten photos to showcase my work to express the event. Now this gave my thought, I shot well over 500 photos (thank goodness for digital age). How can I trim it down to just ten? Anyways, I'll give it a go!

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Wesak Day Celebrations 2009 - Kuching

:) it was my first time taking photo’s of Wesak day celebrations in my home town. All this while I have been avoiding it because of the traffic jam which is usually associated with it.

I already uploaded the images to the gallery, click HERE to jump directly to it.

The procession started to gather at the Jubilee Ground, Kuching. People started to gather from 5pm onwards. Things started to roll about 6pm or so.

The skies looked like it was going to give us a wash. But in the end, it didn’t even rain to the relief of many people.

Prior to the “flag off” many of those who are participaing were practicing their moves and chants.

Spotted this adorable young lady standing all alone, calm.

The 2 images below very funny. The young girl was agitated by the photographer taking her photo :D

Hi Foosi of http://foosi-captured.blogspot.com/

Sweating for a cause

One of my most fav shot of the day.

This is my other most fav shot of the day. hahah! sunset over the city. WOW!

Hah~ another of one of my fav shots of the night!

The procession went on from there to a few roads around the city and then ended at about 930 pm. I was not there, as soon as 80% of the teams rolled out I also had to go as there was another event which I wanted to shoot. But that is a post for another day~

Cheers! and happy wesak day everyone!