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Expensive Afternoon

My Toyota Celica has been sitting in my car porch for a few weeks now. Since the carburator problem was not solved, and the air conditioning had sprung a leak at the coils. Then the road tax expired. I tried to get the insurance renewed only to be told that the usual insurance companies would not cover cars older than 20 years. And the only place where we are able to get insurance was at the General Post Office

So I delayed the renewal for about 2 weeks, as I was busy and it was inconvienent. Today I had a bit of  free time, just after lunch I went to re-new the road tax plus insurance. 

When I got there I was told that there were no more third party coverage for cars as old as mine (1982). And those who wish to be insured must get first party insurance. 

And because I had zero NCB the total damage for insuring me and my car… was…  RM 421.80… I was under the impression that it was about RM 350.00 luckily I brought along RM 500.00 cos the road tax was RM 72.00+2.00(commission)

the best part is that when I got the number it was the same digits of my Toyota Corona… not the exact combination, but the 4 same digits… I wonder if it would come up in lottery tonite!