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Big Day Out (Picnic at the Park)

It was a gathering organized by the Collective. On 14th November 2010. 

I rarely had the chance to join these events. Unfortunately my usual gang decided not to join in, due to personal reasons. So I went at it alone. Manage to meet up with quite a number of local photo entusiast there. I reached there around 3pm. The skies were getting gloomy and winds were picking up on and off. But with high hopes we all stayed on. 

Check out Civic Center, cleaned and painted, beauty.

I thought these signs were pretty smart. Somehow the blue reminded me of facebook. Hmmm.. maybe because I found out of the gathering via facebook. The Collective.

There were 4 "areas", Summer Balloons, The Sofa, Street Buskers and Lomography.  

At the lomography area. They had heaps of lomo cameras available for people to feel and see. They had a little talk for those who have no idea what its all about. Its good when people are willing to share information freely. *thumbs up*

Lomo camerasIse, the head honcho at The Collective

Zul Kamal talking about lomography

Spinner 360 lomo cameraSpinner 360Listening to the brief

Quad lens Quad flash, cool!Time for portraits

This is my fav shot of the day, cos the bokeh was out of shape!

Unfortunately tho, I had to run home as I had diarrhea from breakfast and lunch combo of laksa + Indian curry.  SO I left early and didnt get to shoot at the couch and such. But according to Ise, after I left the rain came, therefore most of the people left. 

Im definitely going back for more, when the next one comes up. Maybe I'll see you there! 


Here is a 10 min clip of the event. Just random ;)

Big day out(Small) from Gerald Lim on Vimeo.



[GEARS: Nikon D300, 17-55, 80-200, Sony DSC-T90]





Two days ago I was sanding down some parts for my car and my hand slipped. 

Sony DSC-T90

Last time when I cut myself I immediately clean it and then wrap it up. These days, as with everyone else, we take pictures! =.=

Then yesterday when I was getting ready to post the photo above, I got bitten by a mosquito. Again, I take photos ^__^

Nikon D300 + Tamron 90mm

Literary can see the abdomen of the mosquito expand with my blood!

After donating my blood, its time for it to be my "model"

Nikon D300 + Tamron 90mm

Can you see how big the abdomen became ? Thats my blood!

Nikon D300 + Tamron 90mm

BLOOD! No more blood for you!

[Gears: Sony DSC-T90, Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm]



Trying out Time Lapse photography

I actually took these sequence of photos about two months back and only recently got motivated to compile them and to test in an actual video. I wanted to collect more "footage" around my house before compiling them but, I guess I'm just too lazy for that. 

I think there is room for improvement. In terms of the subject. Here I'm just testing the timing and sequence, looks good? I likes.

The photos were shot with Nikon D300, using Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye and Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8. in total photos used 685 images over the span of 3 hours. Yes it is a slow process for such a short clip.

I was motivated after seeing videos from Alex and Foosi. 

Alex's Video

Foosi's video : http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1657773483842 (cant embed the video)



Back from Penang

Just a quick update.

Landed last night from Penang at around 8pm. What a tiring trip. Had heaps of nice food. Met up with my buddy Ken Yeoh. Got to play StarCraft2. Sat on the Sachs Maddass 125. Shot two weddings in two days back to back. Learned many things, especially realizing that I'm off my game. Missed many nice moments, and kept on looking for the right setting. Practice makes perfect. I need to practice more, tomorrow there I'm attending another wedding. I will bring my camera and try to capture some nice moments.

Three weddings in four days. Its very exhaustive. Ugh, not feeling too good. I need to sleep now.