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Big Day Out (Picnic at the Park)

It was a gathering organized by the Collective. On 14th November 2010. 

I rarely had the chance to join these events. Unfortunately my usual gang decided not to join in, due to personal reasons. So I went at it alone. Manage to meet up with quite a number of local photo entusiast there. I reached there around 3pm. The skies were getting gloomy and winds were picking up on and off. But with high hopes we all stayed on. 

Check out Civic Center, cleaned and painted, beauty.

I thought these signs were pretty smart. Somehow the blue reminded me of facebook. Hmmm.. maybe because I found out of the gathering via facebook. The Collective.

There were 4 "areas", Summer Balloons, The Sofa, Street Buskers and Lomography.  

At the lomography area. They had heaps of lomo cameras available for people to feel and see. They had a little talk for those who have no idea what its all about. Its good when people are willing to share information freely. *thumbs up*

Lomo camerasIse, the head honcho at The Collective

Zul Kamal talking about lomography

Spinner 360 lomo cameraSpinner 360Listening to the brief

Quad lens Quad flash, cool!Time for portraits

This is my fav shot of the day, cos the bokeh was out of shape!

Unfortunately tho, I had to run home as I had diarrhea from breakfast and lunch combo of laksa + Indian curry.  SO I left early and didnt get to shoot at the couch and such. But according to Ise, after I left the rain came, therefore most of the people left. 

Im definitely going back for more, when the next one comes up. Maybe I'll see you there! 


Here is a 10 min clip of the event. Just random ;)

Big day out(Small) from Gerald Lim on Vimeo.



[GEARS: Nikon D300, 17-55, 80-200, Sony DSC-T90]




photographers gathering

So I was in Miri for work, and I took the chance to meet up with some of the local (Miri) photographers whom I got to know in some local photography forums, but mainly we came together under www.photoborneo.com forum's gathering.

Irene wanted a gathering to meet the other photographers, and asked me to post a thread, being an obliging person and the fact that I have nothing better to do I started a thread and a few days later we had 11 people signed up and ready to go and have a cuppa at Citrus.

The gathering started about 7.30 pm or so, me, as usual, arrived late. Sorry Irene, kept u waiting. So when we arrived, four guys were there already. Terrick, Joel, Lionel, and Karlina. Then came Malcomn, Brian, and Kingston(whats the real name? I never caught it). Things were kind of awkward at first. As the table was quite long, so we had to well speak to those who are close to us, and besides we were all having our dinner.

After we have had our share of food and people were starting to take out their gear, then things started to heat up. Suddenly we were all like old pals. Who have not met for ages. I guess its true when they say birds of the same feather flock together?

Even those who are having gathering in Kuching also signed on to SKYPE to 'meet' us.

Personally I didn't shoot much photographs that night, as I was busy testing out other peoples gear. I only grabbed a few images as the gathering was coming to an end, a quick snap here and there just to cover it. I was quite busy playing with the d700 & the d300! wow! my dream machines! How I wish I would own either of them now. Haha I guess I will have to save up harder to purchase them.

Even Irene could not help herself and tried the Nikon d300 for herself.

Well the gathering ended up around close to 1030 I think. Then we all parted ways happy and satisfied with the first www.photoborneo.com gathering held in Miri.


I'm sure there are other gatherings planned in the horizon of the oil town of the east.