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Tua Pek Kong Parade

Its a birthday celebration of one of the many dieties that is worshiped by taoist believers. Normally once a year there would be a procession / parade to celebrate the day. Normally I would avoid going squeeze with so many people and try to take photo.  Since this year I have not been shooting much after my sports injury I decided, why not. 

So I headed down around 6pm. Had dinner with Alvin+Patricia. And walked over to seven-story building. Where there was a large alter prepared. 

The mood was kind of interesting. As a child I had when living in the center of the city, I usually watch from afar and above the street. Never really walked around watching the preperations and such. 

The trees were decorated with red lanterns. Which was quite nice, made it feel really festive. Fireworks going off in the back ground.


Cecilia said, VIP seating... ermm... :)

The alter


Boom~ someone turned on the video light. 

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the parade to come...

Somehow, even with the roads closed. Cars were still coming... 

Everyone wants to take photo of the fireworks. So I took his photo instead. :)

The prarade started, finally. 

Since there was video light, and my arm was feeling tired already. I decided to SETTLE myself just next to the light. == yes I know I'm lazy. But the lighting was good and I did not bring a flash. 


Funniest thing, this guy was just sitting there having a smoke as they firecrackers were going about. They kinda left after the big ones started to drop.

Full steam ahead!

Was trying to follow it. vertical panning.. lol .. fail. . . 

Pyramid Lions~ 

Some guy was swining the guan dao about. 


Didnt know there were such 'dools' in Kuching. 

Guy was a bit drunk, tried to take the dragon's beard! ==

The main event. Tua Pek Kong arrived.. the atmostphere was almost electric. Everyone was standing, praying.

Almost frantic. Everyone was trying to say their prayers. 

In the span of few minutes the urn was full of joss sticks, and more was pilling in.

Here is a short clip I took with my Samsung Galaxy S i-9000. Which I post processed for a classic / vintage look. :)

Ill probably be going again next year. fun.

I took a lot more photos. You can find them here in my facebook album


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm]