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Joe's Workshop (cont.)

The workshop was organised by wedshooter.tv. A site created by Louis Pang. The workshop kicked off at about 830 Louis introduced the program a bit and then introduced Joe McNally. Then we (the ‘students’ of light) introduced ourselves. It was kinda strange for me as everyone had a purpose and know what they want to learn from Joe. Me, I said that I was there to have some fun. Hmmm.. actually I was there to see how he worked. Which I did. And it was a lot of work! He is a perfectionist sort off… and has heaps of experience to throw at the problem and is really really good at what he does. For those who didn’t know, Joe is a lighting guru. He has a knack of making the photos look so natural that you cannot tell that it was created by artificial light. And most of the time accomplished by the small lights, speedlites. Who also won many awards and accolades over his 30 years of experience in photography. And recently voted as one of the top 30 most influential photographers of the decade. 

And he has got a lot of gear… I only shot a few pics of the gears n stuff~

@@@most picture was processed with lightroom with reduction of orange hue and increment of red hue with some increase of brightness. Thats why it seem more saturated red. Those with out the color were straight out of the camera. Such as pics 6, 7, 8 and a few of the outdoor shots@@@

Gear: Nikon D300 + 17-55mm f/2.8

Justin Manfrotto 175 Spring Clamps

SB900’s with SD-9’s

Well of course there were other gears in the room. Light modifiers of all shapes and sizes. Thats a lot of heavy investment in there.

I think the twitter has tag was created by those at wedshooter.tv. prior to this I have never tweeted with a hash tag. 

Love this photo~ Had to repost it again

I guess unknown to many, Joe is a down to earth kind of guy. from what I have observed during my time at the event, he is always courteous, polite, and very cheeky. =) thats a good thing, it helps to break the ice. He can judge the situation and knows how to approach the situation.

Drew (best assistant) n JoeJoe Showing the easyboxJoe out in the sun, shaded by a screen

Improving the quality of light with a low reflectorJoe showing off the tri-grip? reflector

Love this shot. 3 of him =DI need to get stickers on my gear too~ haha!Nikon Camera Control Pro

One of the best things about this workshop is that it moves from location to location to show different lighting conditions from conference room, to highly reflective small hallways to open space with harsh lighting to a super hot car park.

Joe thinking how to solve a lighting puzzle in the hallwaySB-900 with a grid

Working in the corridor click!

Then we moved out to open space. And Joe showed us how to light up a group of people. Using bigger light source.

A row of SB-900’s

Setting upMore lights pleaseBroader view

Secret weaponSet up done, test shootinglive results

After the outdoor shooting we went back inside. For a bit of round up before we break for lunch at the Shangri La’s Lemon Garden Cafe.

Portable Hard DisksPizza + Satay lunch! Interesting comboAfter a heavy lunch we all went back to the workshop. Where we were broken up into groups and allowed to use all the available gear to try and apply some of what we learn from the morning session to our work. I was teamed up with Edwin Tan and Ian Chong

I found it kinda hard as I didnt really know what I want. All this while I have been shooting in ad-hoc mode. Where I see the situation and I work with it. Now suddenly we have so much control over the light (or so I thought) that my mind went blank! I had a vision for the male model but some how I could not get the light to work for me and we only had 20 mins each from set up and to execution. Was really putting on the pressure. Our team wasted about 15 mins scouting and trying to figure out what to do. hehe So in the end, Ian only manage to shoot a few shots when time was up for a model change! Sorry Ian!

Our first model was Ong Tau a very versatile and accommodating model. With many good facial expressions and very athletic. Initially I wanted to do a grungy look type of shoot with him in the basement where there was a rough wall, great texture. Maybe get him to jump a little or something… but anyways here are two of my usable shots :P

do u feel it ?

trying to do a dark and mysterious look

After that we started off with the next model Evon.T with Ian going for it, then Edwin then me. I know of her for a while in the local photography forums but never had the chance to meet her in person. And I didnt realize it was her till the end of the workshop. But she was pretty cool about it. One of the easiest model to work with as she is very experience with posing and has a lot of confidence with herself. 

Here are two of my more usable shots…

Love the lightingStylo? =)and here are two very candid shots =D

Model ReplacementModel ReplacementWe ended everything and went back to hand in our memory cards. Thats why after that the session at the basement car parks I have not shots as I forgot to bring my extra CF cards! I did take some videos on my Sony compact, but I will wait till I get back to my home town before processing them and posting them. I don’t know if I’m allowed to. Hmm…

Anyways during our session down at the basement, Joe did a shoot with Ong Tau… a shot which I was trying to create at the lobby. hahaha!!! Well he got the shot.. I didn’t. More for me to learn and experience. We ended the workshop by 5pm as Joe had to go to a radio station for an interview. I had nothing better to do so I just stuck around and mingle with the rest of the ‘class’

More photos to come from the Saturday Workshop.


#note# it took me 3 days to complete the post. I started writing on saturday. fell asleep. then typed a few on sunday and only manage to complete it today (monday)