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20081228 Jongs Crocodile Farm

Finally the last posting of an outing in 2008. Now its 17th Jan 2009. WOW talk about being backlogged.

Well I just came off the plane from Kota Kinabalu few hours ago, so cut me some slack here. I need to try to earn a living also.

There was an outing on the 28th December 08. Organised right after we hit Doulos during dinner time. The initial plan was a group wil head to Kampung Skuduk or Giam, I cant recall which and another group will go to the Jong's Crocodile Farm(they dont have a website!). Actually I have never been to the crocodile farm, so obviously I went to the crocodile farm.

We met up at seventh mile food court (Siang Siang) and gathered. Those who went were, Alvin, Derbe, Desmond, Guan, Irene, Alvin's friends (2x) and Me. But when we reach there we found Alex, Stephen, Micheal and Methos there as well. hehehe they have decided not to go to Kampung.

I didn't realise there were many other animals there besides crocodiles to shoot. =P That's why I never really bothered to go. Glad I finally went.




Here are some pics which I like from the outing




Showing its pearly whites.




Whatcha looking at punk!




Look at them ANIMALS... looking in.. or out... HAHAHA! Irene, Guan, and Desmond




This was taken during feeding time of the huge lizards. I like this pic the best because of the fly at the meat. If you look carefully you might spot it, to the left of the meat. Wooo... missed by inches~

Alex up to his old tricks!


Of course with Irene around, the photographers could not stop shooting her. When Desmond started to have a go at the hut, he was trying to catch the foreground and background together. To which I suggested to him using flash. Because for my Nikon d80 its possibile to do a high speed flash sync thingy which allows the shutter to go beyond 1/200s with flash. After a few tries, me being nosy whipped out my SB-800 flash and switched it to SU-4 mode. And when Desmond took the frame, my flash popped as well :) creating interesting  effects. No umbrella's needed nor used!

Then came along Alex with his fisheye. He also got in on the action. By then Steven also whipped out his SB-800. And here are the results. Which I stole from Irene's multiply page. Dont know why There are some pixels coming in from the left. I think her copy got some problems.



This is Stephen



This is Desmond



This is Cecilia Kiwi



This is Methos



This is IRENE, obviously.



Last but not least, ME!

In case you have not noticed, my Oakleys has become props for the guys! Except for Irene and Cecilia :)

hehehe well just a quickie post. You can find the rest of the photos in the Gallery. Feel free to comment and link back on the comments area below. Its much appreciated!


20081208 Portrait shooting

Another overdue journal >.< I hope this is not going to be a habit. ^__^ I'm working my way back, as fast as possible. New years resolution.

Venue : Travillion
Time : 8.00AM (I came fashionably late)
Models : Cynthia, Eleanor, & Jenny
Photographers : Stephen, Alvin, Methos, Cecilia, Chze, Alex, Micheal and me

It was another famous pazuzushot.com model shooting outing. Thanks to him, for organizing and coordinating everything, and finding pretty models for us to shoot. Part of the reason why we are re-shooting Cynthia and friends is because Stephen met Cynthia at her brothers wedding and he was smitten!

Don't believe? Check out the image I captured below, doesnt it seem like he was proposing to her?






not convinced?






hehe, no I was just kidding. He how ever did mention that he would like to shoot Cynthia and her friends, and I just conveyed the msg to Alvin. And coincidentally they were free, we were free, so we all came together and shoot! As we only had 3 models and 8 photographers it was 3:1, 3:1, 2:1 ratio. We were suppose to swap models after 40 mins, but Stephen could not get enough of Cynthia. KIDDING!

Anyways I only manage to shoot Eleanor and a bit of Cynthia.

Here are some random photos from the outing.

Eleanor and Jenny

All 3 with super tele lens!!! I'm so jealous!

This is Cynthia, erm... being adorable XD

3 pretty ladies

I think we were trying to do the Charlies Angels look, but that didn't really work out :P

I think I framed them too close to the center of the frame, feels very normal, oh well, rooms for improvement.


Laugh all you want, thats how you get different angle and good photos! Maybe I shold try that some day, and get some award winning photographs too. Hmmmmm... points to ponder.

Slightly more decent XD

Missing a few people :D

As I have said at the begining of the post, I only shot two of the three models. Reason being we ran out of time. So next time we have to plan properly how to manage time. By the time we concluded, it was quite hot already. Everyone was sweating.

Here are my two albums:

Till next update =P



back home again, again!

Ah... Back home. Just arrived in Kuching, taking the flight AK5124 which was not late, and landed 18 mins earlier than scheduled time. It was quite a hectic weekend for me. I was suppose to go on a personal trip to KL. But in the end my boss said the clients wanted to do a meeting, therefore I ended up extending my trip there (was suppose to come back yesterday night).

So I left for Kuala Lumpur on friday as indicated in my previous post. So on saturday I woke up around 7.00am and called for taxi around 7.30am. Then I met up with d3vilsim at McDonalds at the Curve. Had an early McBreakfast and left for Lake Garden / Taman Tasik Perdana. Finished the photoshooting event by around 11.30am. Then d3vilsim dropped me to 1Utama. I walked around waiting for Raymond to come join me. And I found the Tamiya Asia Cup 2008 challenge event there. Then when Raymond arrived, we went for lunch and then we went to catch a Singaporean movie "Money not enough 2". I would rate the movie 3.4 of 5 points, 5 being the best and 1 being worse.

After the movie, we headed off to The Curve, to meet up with Surgeus at The Apartment. Then to McDonalds at Cineleisure for dinner. And I bought a 320GB Maxtor Basic Portable Storage for about RM300 plus. So after that, went back to Siaw Pao's house, and zzzzz....

Sunday morning woke up again early was out the door by 8.00am. Kenneth came by and picked me up, we headed to McDonalds drive thru and bought some breakfast meals and headed out to Sepang Circuit. We were there the whole day, and the event ended at 5.00pm or so, by the time everything was packed up we left by around 7.00pm. Then went back to YS's workshop and then off to dinner.

By the time I reached Siaw Pao's appartment was already 11.00pm. Then I packed my bags and Dave sent me to Eastin Hotel. I will break down the individual days as I have some photos to share. Or else this would be a really really really really long post.

That's all for now.



Just came back from an outing with the photobugs. We went to Jankar Waterfall.

We took met at a popular kolomee stall in Kuching at 6am. I was so blur this morning, slept quite late woke up at 3am scared I couldn't wake up for the trip. But I manage to wake up and reach the meeting point at 6.10am.

There was a total of 8 people (including me) on the trip, and once gathered, we headed off at around 7am. We took a 1 hour plus drive to some kampung road which was rocks and dirt. :-( my car now is not black no more, its covered with white dirt!!! The kampung road took us another 30 mins drive, and then we reach the kampung exit. to find ourselves cutting thru peoples farms to find the water fall trail.

The trail was ridiculous its basically non existent! We walked up steep inclines, crawl on foliage, for about 30 mins. Then we started making our way on the water trail. Gosh even worse! Cos my sandals had no grip and my gear was throwing off my balance. This combination added weight and strain on my legs. Some stones I cant climb cos I had too much gear weight and no traction. Once I pass some of my gear to my friends I could make up up easy. About 25 mins of water trail, we finally reach the waterfall. What a spectacular place. fantastic.

So we all started to shoot fotos and about an hour later we started heading down. So I still had the same problem, weight & grip. There was a point where I was at a rock which I had trouble going up, I also had trouble going down. I was just standing there and I started to slide downwards. -__- there was no water, it was bone dry! *sigh*

After a long and slow trek, we finally completed the water trail. Thats when my cramps start, at first it was only my calf muscles. Then both legs had slight craps. After 10 mins or so, the thigh muscles had cramps. Then both legs. I had to stop and sit down for 4 times. Each time the pain and the cramps got worse and worse. lower leg and mid legs all cramp. Didnt know to bend it or to keep it straight cos ALL muscles had cramp on both legs. I put heat rub also no use. Each time I stop I was out of breath, breathing hard because of the pain, not because I was tired or exhausted. I had never had both legs all muscles cramp on me before. I always had leg cramps problem when I was a kid. I guess something is wrong with my legs, weak. And under the circumstances today, where I had no grip and extra weight everything came all together.

So finally we all made it out, the 6 ahead waited for me and Alex (who stayed to help me) for 45 mins. Then we went to Lundu to have lunch. I couldnt drive at all, so Alex drove my car. After lunch I was feeling better and I drove back down to Kuching. We were all having a lot of fun chit chatting the day's trip and before you know it, I didnt take a turning to Kuching and was heading 60 km away from the junction. Only realise when I saw Semantan (1km) I was like HUH? SEMATAN? OMG WRONG ROAD! There are many resorts with nice beaches in Sematan.

Well we were all laughing our heads off, wondering why didnt we notice the junction. When I was about to make a u-turn we noticed that the waves were extremely rough. So we parked and went down to the jetty. Wow! The waves were breaking at the retainer wall with such force that it shook the ground. So we all got off from my car, and grabbed our camera gear. And started taking photos.

After thats done, we took another 1hour to get back down to Kuching. Had a short detour to a friends shop. He ordered a Nikon D300 which arrived in the afternoon. So we went over to had a look and have a go at it. A VERY POISONOUS CAMERA! I WANT!

So after that I sent my friends back and I came home had dinner and blog. DIdnt even bother to dwonlaod the pics. Maybe tomorrow. so tired. Sunburnt, sore, in pain. Had scratches and bruises on my arms and legs. I hope the water fall pics were worth it. Cos I took more pics at Sematan THAN at Jankar Waterfall



photo outing


this is the first time I have been out with so many photographers. many of them are SPAS members. Some are just the forum members. Anwyays it was good and educational trip for me. In terms of photography and networking. Metting new poeple is kinda fun :) Total there were 11 people. 8 photographers. and 1 wanna be photographer (me).

Just finished transfering hopefully I captured something worthy. Its great to shoot with those who know their stuff, as they consistantly give pointers, even tho I have no idea what they were talking about half of the time. 8-)

I nearly didn't make it, cos I slept at 330am or so and I had to wake up around 630am. Cos we were meeting other members at 7pm at MJC township. Had breakfast there and we left around 8am. Then we drove about 40mins to the location only to find that it does not open till 9am.

We came back around 1230pm and headed for lunch. very tired now... I wonder when is my operations manager going to call me about my appraisal. He was suppose to call me this morning. Hmm... damn... does this mean I'm not getting a pay raise? *sigh* I hope not. I have many photographic equipment to own! Urgently!

Over all I was getting more familiar with my d80. Its the first time I shot 380 images in one outing. Normally I do about 40-100. This round, OVERTIME! :-) Im pretty impressed with the battery. EN-EL3e. After 400 shots battery was only at 48%! I was reading a review about it last night, and the reviewer said he can shoot about 800 - 1,400 shots on one full charge!! So today I purposely didn't bring the extra battery. The more I use the d80, the more I like it. I guess finally we are getting to know aquiented :)

So tired, will look thru the photos later after a rest.


nyek... here are 3 photos!