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Still Subjects

I rarely take images of still subjects. Well at home anyways. So few weeks ago, someone in a local photo forum asked me to try some (as they called it) commercial photography. So I decided to give it a shot. Bought some manila cards, and moved the flash stuff up to my sister room (she’s not in town). 

Why am I showing the bum of the camera body? to show off the serial number. 6044444. HAHAHA!! vain I know ~_~”

Then yesterday I did a few more test shots. Same setup. But slightly more effort. Tried to shoot the new Nokia e52. Highly reflective and slim device. 

Then I shot the Nokia n86. Well parts of it.


Then I went for dinner. And came back with Tohsaka Rin. I have had her for over a year now. Never opened until now.

You must be thinking two lights, one from the left one on the right? Yup thats right.

Shot this with one light source.

This was with one light source too.. haha! curious?


I hope you enjoyed them photos as I enjoyed recording them.






Gear: Nikon d300, AF-S Nikkor 17-55mm 1:2.8 G ED


Well if you still have not heard about it. Nokia is moving out of the mobile phone business and moving to content business. Sounds dramatic eh? Just kidding but they have been coming up with a lot of services in the past few years.

Actually this is about Maps on Ovi. I assume you know of Nokia Maps. Basically if your phone is using Symbian s60 and above you can download the software and use it. What’s so special about Maps on Ovi? Well, its on OVI.com the Nokia’s multimedia portal. Which covers many things from back up, to sharing, communications and now maps.

So recently I saw a blog at the beta site that asked from Mac users to try it out. On Safari. Being curious I logged in on Safari. And this is what I saw after installing the browser plug-in.

Nifty. Feels like Google Maps. and Live Maps(bet ya didn’t know Live also got maps services right? every one heard of Google Maps).

Above is showing Kuching maps

Live Maps version of Kuching City. If your interested to know what kampung is called this is your map. The rest only shows major town and cities.

Google Maps version of Kuching City :) I guess this version is the most known about of the 3. Its the most hype and I guess most used over the years.


To me all 3 looks good and all have their own specialties. But most important is the ability to use it on Mobile phones. As far as I know OVI Maps and Google Maps can be used on the mobile phone. For Ovi Maps you would of course have to get the Nokia Maps which allows the user to pre-load maps into the phone. And for Google Maps everything is grabbed from the cloud on the fly. Which makes it light weight on install but might cost a lot on the data stream



nokia maps mac loader

This post are for those mac users out there who uses Nokia symbian smart phones. Well I know a few amongst my friends. If anyone ever explored their fones enough they would know that the software that comes with the phones PC-SUITE, as the name implies does all kinds of neat things like back up phone data, duplicate phone book, sync with MS Outlook, update phone software, install new applications and much more.

For us Mac users, we don't have much choice. When we connect our phones to the mac, all we get is i-Sync and all I can do is back up and sync addresses & calenders. Nothing major.

Yup~ simple and clean.

Nothing fancy here.

So largely I dont do much back up on my Mac, I use my office laptop which has PC Suite.

Then about a week back I was checking out the beta labs. And I noticed something interesting. Nokia Maploader for the MAC. I was thinking to my self, hey! Wait a minute! Since when!?

So I clicked the link and found that it requires a Nokia Multimedia Transfer software. Another new thing which I have missed when I was busy travelling. While its not as polished and feature packed as the Nokia PC Suite, its still something to start with. It will sync your media files with iPhoto & iTunes. While I dont use those services I'm sure there are many out there who does.

My main goal was to try the Nokia Map Loader for the mac. Which looked nothing like its PC counterpart. Nicely done betalabs!

The first screen I hit, whoops! I need a Nokia device connected :P

Note that the maps I had was only 1.1MB, I loaded it using PC Suite it was suppose to be 12 MB or so. Strange

So the next step is to select the Continent, and country. Of course if you wish to load maps of other countries, by all means, as long as you have the memory space. And hit Start Download.

Like any good story, we have hit another snag! The maps didnt come! But of course this is not an issue of the software directly. During the time when I was trying to load the map, our dear internet provider decided to play with my internet connection especially with international servers.

So a few days later I tried again.

Finally success, 13.8 MB. If your familiar with the map loader on the pc side, then u would have noticed that there is a history list going on here. Hmm.. interesting.

Why am I posting about this ? Well to me its quiet significant, it shows that phone manufacturers like Nokia are not or have not forgotten about us poor mac users. Everyone is so " I AM A PC " now that we have become sort of forgotten. Sure mac's are not the most popular platforms in the world but it feels good to have a manufacturer remember us :P

By the way, if your looking for a good local Apple Authorised reseller click HERE. :P


long drive home

First Friday of the year, so I went home around 5pm+ and there was a slight jam.

So I turn on the GPS on Nokia n82. And started the trip distance meter.

The connection was fast as the Nokia n82 has A-GPS. So below is how long it took for me to get from my office to home. About 5.2-5.3 km distance.

Yup. 34 mins to cover 5.1 km with an average speed of 8.9km/h!!! Talk about slow.