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Shabu Shabu and Movies

I love watching movies at the cinema. Therefore a while back I created a group in facebook for me and my friends who share the same love of watching movies. So we can better coordinate movie watching and such. Since everyone has a facebook account and smart phones. 

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we decided to have a get together, and have dinner at Rolling Shabu Shabu together before going off to watch a movie. RM 28.80 per person, all you can eat. Not bad, unfortunately I cannot eat much!

At first it was suppose to be around 18 pax but in the end only 12pax showed up. Two got lost, and four decided to go do other things.

Alvin loves his meat.

*ehem* Us girls :P

The other side of the table xD

Shooting from the toilet.

Desmond wants more food! 

After an hour of eating, we all gave up.

Kaki photo boss with his 50mm 1.4G!

Foosi trying to act cute! 

Then we scooted off to MBO. The traffic was horrible! Lucky we headed off early. 

Yellow ceiling gives yellow skin tones. COOL! 

Mali Mali, lets group photo! 

Kaki movies! Davy, Jocelyn, Desmond, Cecilia, Patricia, Alvin, Me, Calvin, Frankie, and Kally. Hopefully one of this days can get a bigger group photo. 

More friends! I see two people hiding behind! haha!

So we watched Underworld: Awakening. It was not bad. Fighting from the get go. Good special effects. My only question is how come her hand guns do not need to be reloaded, and where does she stores all the grenades on her super tight costume? AND after taking so many bullets, how come the costume no damage, still very shiney and nice??


After movie, pay for parking, and leave for zzz~ 


Till next movie. 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]





Searching for Freddy

Two weeks ago we went to catch the movie, Nightmare on Elm Street.

It was pretty good except for the noisy people on the side, at the back and in front. Why would you should before the scary bits? Anyways I think it was a decent movie. I seem to remember it to be scarier but then again maybe I was still young and scared. Probably. 

Anna and JF looking for Freddy inside Silhouette Then today I was moving my pics and found this. hohoho... I think it was kind of funny. xD rawr! 



Ice Kacang Puppy Love

This movie was Ah Niu’s directorial debut, the movie stars himself with Lee Sinje, Yi Jet Qi, Fish Leong, Penny Tsai, Nicholas Teo, Chan Kwok-kwan, Victor Wong just to name a few names. 

They did a meet the fans/ autograph session at the Hills Shopping Mall just now. I arrived at about 7.30pm but the stars were still not there yet. So it was up to emcee to keep the crowd going and I think he did quite a good job actually. 

The Crowd Gathers

The four that came, Ah Niu, Victor Wong, Yi Jet Qi, and Chen Mei Er  Fans examining the leafletsVictor WongVictor, Chen Mei Er, JetThe director, Ah NiuGetting cozy xDJetChen Mei Er Slight Q&A session w/ the emceeNikon d90 xD steady as she goesVictors expression .. mmmmThe evening was filled with a lot of laugher and funny moments. With the experience and quick thinking of the emcee, Ah Niu and Victor, I think it was very enjoyable.

Jet with funny expressionChen Mei Er with a big smileThe crowd looks on, recording…This was very random, I dont know whats the deal with his hair, but it seem kinda funny so I took the shot.Iphone video recording.. woohoo!

The emcee was trying to get them to sing a song, Ah Niu’s song that propelled him to stardom. So they fooled around for a bit before any actual singing was going on… Ah Niu started off by singing Richie Ren’s song (verse) then sang Victor’s song (verse). Then Victor followed suit by singing Ah Niu’s famous song with a cheeky voice. xD

Ah Niu singing Victor’s songVictor countered with a cheeky look xDSo finally they decide to sing the song from the soundtrack of the movie.

After the adhoc singing, they had a bit of games where each star picked one person from the crowd and get them to sing their longest breath. But there were some technical difficulties with one of the mic’s. Which created popping sounds that sounded like fire crackers or gun shots. 

This is a time I’m grateful for 6fps capable Nikon d300So after all the sound issues were sorted, the stars picked their ‘singers’.

Blur! he moved forward too muchChen Mei Er picking her singerOnce everyone was up. Each of them started to sing and tried to be the longest with a single breath. When reached Victor’s singer, when she started I zoomed in tight to catch both their expressions, then I noticed Victor making funny faces. And the next thing you know, the gal was laughing none stop. She could not even hold a straight face after that. xD 

Burst mode xD So they decided to leave her to catch her breath and move to the last contestant. Who did the longest I think..

Gambatte! after that they went back to the girl. Gave her a few chances, 3 or 4 actually. But she could not do it. I guess Victor really poked her funny bone xD

Good sport =)Then came the autograph session. I only took a few shots and then I left. 

Put ya hands upLive view! Live Viewgood crowdsign sign signNow the last picture was my fav picture of the night. Because I saw some of the fans shook hands with the stars when they step up. I wanted to catch the foreground of Jet signing and someone maybe Chen Mei Er shaking hands. I got it. It seems normal but I was waiting for it xD

Worth the waitNote: All photos were taken with Nikon D300, using 17-55mm and the 80-200mm. All photos were not color corrected/ processed, directly off the camera. Video was taken with the Sony DSC-T90.

Time to go supper, anyone ?