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wet, tired and sore

whew wat a weekend!

flew to Kuala Lumpur yesterday at around 11am. Headed to Equatorial Resort in Bangi. As my colleague Steven got married and had his wedding reception there. The room was quite decent! He provided me the room. Mr Yip and I shared the room.

Today after checking out, me and Mr Yip went to eat the famous Fish Head noodles in duno where lar.. Im bad with directions... bah! Then he dropped me off at Amcorp Mall... I have been meaning to go to Amcorp mall but never found the time. SO this was not a planned visit. I walked in, and I found J One. A famous for decently price photo gear company. And I made a unscheduled purchase of a manfroto tripod costing RM 630.00.

Then I went off to Shah Alam. To watch the GRA Round 4. It was fantastic! I wish we had something similar in Kuching. It rained quite hard. I got wet, my sports shoes got wet, my socks were wet.

I was there from 1pm till 7pm. lugging around my camera bag which was about 3.5kg and the spanking brand new tripod about 3kg. -_- now my left shoulder is so sore. especially my left collar bone. Ouch!

But it was worth it. I got to practice more on my panning shots. I understand more now. Thing is still not used to the VR lens which I borrowed from Stephen. The stabilizer system is wonderful on still objects, but once the lens move, it has a really strange sensation. As the gyro is fighting your hand motion.

So since the air tickets were already paid for, lets look at how much I spent on TAXI rides this round.

  1. Airport to Equatorial Bangi resort - RM 43.00
  2. AmCorp Mall to Shah Alam Stadium - RM 30.00
  3. Taman Mayang to LCCT - RM 70.00
So all in all my taxi travels around KL is RM 143.00. The most expensive was the ride from Taman Mayang. Not only did the driver take the wrong road, he was not experienced driver, very twitchy and almost made me late for check in. When I reached the air port, I had only 4 mins to check in. Didnt even allow me time to grab something to eat!

I reached kch around 11.30 pm. Took a taxi ride home, RM 14.50. Super expensive for a ride no more than 5 mins away. -____-

Time to sleep! Have to work tomorrow!



ah... it was a great weekend. Didn't really do much of anything. Didn't take photos. Only few snapshots of the raya visitation. Then drove alot, ate alot, drank alot. Awesomes!

I manage to process 3 albums and uploaded them to multiply. Whews! At least less back log now. Still more to go but it was a good feeling to clear them. I still have not processed the Penang photos. Don't feel like it tho. cos much of them is corrupted. :-( sigh.

now back at work. in office, dont feel like working. feels like going back home and sleep. what a great weekend. switched off all alarms. woke up at 1030am. ahh... feels like old time. go out when ever I want, play computer all day... those were the good ol'days.

Im quite broke, I paid off my flash unit. RM 1,350. Just to avoid the late payment and interest. Now I have to last till 28th (payday). sigh. I'll be going to kuala lumpur on the 26th till 28th. Cecilia and Thomas are getting married. They have asked me to help them take some photos of the ceremonies. Hmm... I have to pay for my own tickets, accommodations, transportations, and because of the wedding I bought the flash unit. And dont forget the red packet!

Yeah, Speaking of the flash unit, tested it during raya, got better results than the built in flash. Within the next two days, I should receive two packs of Maha rechargeable batteries. cost me RM 99.00 for the two sets of 4 AA's. I have not buy the charger yet. That cost around RM 200.00

Just for a wedding, so far I have spent RM 360 on airtickets, RM 1350 flash, RM 99 battery. RM 1,809 so far. As the days draw closer, the more I will spend .z.z.z.z.z.z.... lucky for me I'm working.


back home!

YES! I have returned to the land of the hornbills!

Quite happy to be back. I was spending money like crazy in KL. blah.

Reached KL on the 2nd of October and came back last night on the 7th of October.

  • 2nd - Spent around RM 220.00 Karaoke! DRINKING LIQUEUR! The best part I dont drink NOR sing! So I just sat there as my colleagues drank and sang! =__=
  • 3rd - Spent around RM 80.00 Dinner for Two! An old friend birthday on the 2nd, so treated her to dinner on the 3rd. Have not seen her since she left Kuching about 1 year ago. Good to catch up. Worth it!
  • 4th - Spent around RM 98.00 Massage! My goodness the small gal damn power. My neck was sore for 2 days! But I'm all good now. All tender and soft... wahaha!
  • 5th - Lost RM 30.00 playing poker with colleagues. Not worth it. I dont have poker face.
  • 6th - Spent RM 120.00 on TWO shirts, and RM 24 on movies and RM 30.00 on lunch. Had lunch with a friend who came back from OZ, have not seen her in........ 3 years... we used to study together, then we watched a movie. Some HK comedy. okay lar.. worth cos catch up. Den I went to buy 2 D1 official merchandise shirts.
  • 7th - Spent RM 12.00 watching Resident Evil! and RM 1,350.00 on a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight Flash system. Watched Resident Evil, the third installment, very nice. The character Alice really draws the viewers into the movie. I actually didn't wanna buy the flash unit yet. I wanted to buy a decent tripod 1st. But, my friend is getting married and have asked me to help her take some photos. And there is no choice but the skip the tripod and head of the flash.
So all in all. This has been one of the most expensive trips I have had to KL since I joined this company.


I hope I can take good photos and not muck it up.



yay! back in kuching!

It was great meeting up with Gavin, Daniel, Carey, Raymond, Nick, Ian, Nigel, the rest of GRA and George in Kuala Lumpur. Missed out in meeting Sherene. Her grandpa passed away on the day we were supposed to meet. :( poor her.

Finally manage to meet up with Simon, Edy and Lina as well. I hope I can make a decision in time. Bah!

In any case this round I spent quiet a fair bit =\

  1. Belt - RM 80.00
  2. Microsoft Laser 6000 Mouse - RM 160.00
  3. 1GB SD memory card - RM 49.00
  4. USB Hub - RM 10.00
  5. Books (3) - RM 110.00 *and i lost the receipt!!! argh!*
  6. Tee-Shirts (3) - RM 125.00
  7. Nike Sports Gloves - RM 59.00
  8. CK Eternity - RM 207.00
Totaling about RM 720.00. This is not yet inclusive of taxi, food and beverages. Which would probably bring up the figure to nearly RM 1,000.00

I'm quite happy because I got my mouse for my laptop. Been using this cheesy RM 10.00 mouse for a while. Its so inaccurate it annoys me to bits! The Tees were impulse purchase. Went to body glove shop, they had a sale, 1st item was 20% off.. and subsequent items were 50% ! Must buy lar like that! I want to buy some more, but their choices were not appealing to me. I guess Im just too old already. I was happy to go into the rockers corner. Where everyone dressed in black with satanic images imprinted on their shirts lol. yeah.. feels at home! Now adays the kids follow the asian styling. from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. cute, but not my style.

Oh well...back to work!



Okay... since I'm here waiting for my flight I might as well get it off my chest.

During my previous trip down to Kuala Lumpur for the Team Building I spent:-

  1. Western Digital Hard Disk (320GB) for RM 305.00
  2. Braun Buffel wallet for RM 250.00
  3. Who Moved My Cheese book for RM 29.90
  4. Dark work pants (required by office)RM 120.00
So I spent about RM 704.90 on my trip to KL. Then when I returned I paid my mechanic RM 250.00 and I'm still owing RM 300.00

-_____- when it end!