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Mitsubishi 4x4 Dakar Rally Experience Roadshow

This event happen over the last weekend (19-20 March). I have been to quite a number of road shows but I think the organisers have really put in a lot of effort and money this round.

The event was split into two main sections, the Special Stage, and Off-Road test drive. Of course you can register to test drive the cars on the road as well. 

Upon entering the area where the main tent is you will be given a bottle of water, stamped and a coupon for food.

Under the tent you can register yourself for the ON ROAD test drive, or sign up for the OFF-ROAD test drive and 

It was a huge tent, with a lot of fans and portable air conditioning to keep everyone chilled.

Activities for the kids.

temp tattoo?

Free food


Stage for concert at night

Someone miss calculated.

Andy Phe

Everyone is a reporter these days.


Would be less fun if the ground was dry. ;)

Even the polie dropped by to see Mr Hiroshi Masuoka doing his stuff

While looking at the photos, I noticed something about the gun holster. It does not really seem to fit the gun? and also why is it up so high his back? Can the officer reach it and take out the weapon ? Must be quite flexible person.

One of the main highlights of the roadshow was that Taxi ride given to the general public by two time Dakar Rally Champion (2002, 2003) Hiroshi Masuoka around in the mud. 


This is no childs play.


Mr Hiroshi checking out the taxi.

Satisfied customer ;)

Of course, yours truely also had to have a go at it ! Each session was about 2 mins. I had to queue for about 15 mins. Its ok I dont mind. Also I brought my own helmet. :P While the organisers did provide them, I rather wear something that fit me properly. And its less smelly. I bet the other ones would be quite smelly after 3 days.

Everyone queuing up.

the "track"

Saw some friends there

This was my in-car shot! If only I had gotten to ride in front ! =(

Same camera, Same lens, same pattern.

Over all it was a good event by Mitubishi & Jimisar.  Had a good time. 


Here is a short video clip that I whipped up.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 10-20, 17-55, 80-200, DSC-T90]