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shrunken trunks or me?

Shrunken trunks.

heh~ yesterday I went for a swim with Stephen at Stampark. Have not been swimming for at least 6 months. And when I put on my trunks, it felt loose. Hmm… Didn’t think much of it. So got into the water, and realise its really loose. After a lap~ I realise it was not the trunks which were the problem it was me.

In December 08, I caught a bug, which got me coughing for about a month. And I lost a lot of weight. About 6-7 kg worth of fat. Where at the end of the sickness, my jeans were falling off when I do not use a belt.

I thought it was just my waist that got smaller… Didn’t realise my thighs also got smaller. o.O” the reason I came to the conclusion is because my swimming trunks were just nice fit at the thighs. Now, its about 2cm gap. Didn’t really dare to swim much as I was scared my privates came out for a breather. >.<

The best part was when I got out of the pool, the back end of the trunks were loose too…… LOL… I feel like a kid who have worn someone else’s trunks! ROFL!

No more trunks for me till I put back some of the weight!




Okay enuf about the embarassing outing of mine yesterday.

Today I finally took my Mighty Mouse to IT Fusion. My mouse have refused to scroll down few weeks ago. After searching on the net for a while. It appeared that this was a very common problem. Apple had built their mouse, NOT to be serviced.

Here is the official page from apple on how to clean the Mighty Mouse.


If your Mighty Mouse is covered in fingerprints or its surface has become soiled, it can be gently wiped with a clean lint-free cloth. If necessary, moisten the cloth using only water, making sure not to over saturate it. Be aware that the mouse contains electronic components that may be damaged if water drips from the cloth into the mouse via the seam around the scroll ball or around its underside.

The same procedure can be used to clean the scroll ball on your Mighty Mouse if it has become discolored or dirty. Use a clean lint-free cloth lightly moistened with water. Wipe the ball and the surrounding area, making sure to rotate the ball itself to ensure complete coverage. If the scrolling feels rough or if the scroll ball isn’t scrolling up, down, or side-to-side, hold the mouse upside-down and roll the ball vigorously while cleaning it to help dislodge any particles that may have collected on the internal hardware.

For a QuickTime movie demonstration, click here (the movie is approximately 600 KB).

Well apple… it does not work! Do a search online for “mighty mouse cleaning” and you will find there are many frustrated users like me.

And the most common solution out there is to crack the mouse open. But by doing so, the mouse would have to be re-glued back together again. As its by design NOT to be serviced.

Anyways the kind folks at IT Fusion cracked my mouse open and gave it a wipe and now its clean. I’m waiting for the super glue to set back in before I use it. *cant wait*

The mice on the left is mine, reassembled.



Today they had to “rescue” 3 mice from the dustbin. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.




[ps] In case your wondering what mice I was using during my miceless weeks… I was using my thrusty Microsoft Intelli Explorer 3.0!