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DCIM 2009

DCIM was an event held about 3 weeks ago. I was in KL for meeting and extended my stay over the weekend.

Malaysia’s premier photography and imaging extravaganza!

Truly a picture-perfect event for pros and enthusiasts alike!

Date: 27 - 29 March, 2009 (Fri-Sun)
Venue: Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Kuala Lumpur

Lots of exciting activities and facilities lined up for your benefit and enjoyment!
- Velocity Angel Search 2009 - Modeling Competition
- ALL major brands in photography
- See new gears of 2009!
- Photography-related gears and accessories and much more!
- Seminars and workshops
- Mini studios!

Quoted from : http://www.dcimshow.com


Notice all standing there are non-Nikon users, hihi~ just and observation la…

I guess when they said ALL major brands in photography meant that Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm, HP and many more were not. Cos I didn’t see them there. I would say it was a good try. Reason being that this was the first time its being held. I think the most interesting bit which was not related to photography was next to the Epson booth, there were area for you to purchase your drink and sit down and have a chat with friends. I think there were about 10 tables only though.


Nikkor lenses

Fish eye. RM 2,798.00! wow!

Regardsless. I was there on Saturday with Raymond. And alone on Sunday. Not to say alone, I went there to meet up with some Nikonian peoples. Friendly bunch!


Manfrotto / Kata booth

Panasonic / Lumix booth

Underwater Image Center

Sandisk booth

Canon booth

Nikon Creative Lighting Studio booth

Nikon Creative Lighting Studio booth

I hung out at Nikon Creative Lighting Studio area a lot. Cos I met up with a few Nikonian on day two(final day). It was great to hang out and chat with each other. Its also a bonus that they have their models on standby so people can shoot with the CLS. One comment I heard on day 2 from someone standing at the back was ” Do they even know what they are doing? Don’t they know that they need to have a remote trigger to activate the flash ? *laff & walks away* ” Well the beauty about Nikon CLS is that the speedlites set up there can be set to SU-4 mode. Meaning once it detects a strobe, it will also fire at the set setting. No triggers required.

Queue to seminar / workshop

I missed the seminar / workshop as it was not indicated well enough. I walked passed it with out knowing. Only on second day I realised it. Oh well.

Velocity Angels at Nikon booth

Velocity Angels at Nikon booth

Velocity Angels at Epson booth


Velocity Angels at yumcha area


 It was really packed with photographers.  From those with big guns to hand phone cameras. And the best part everyone was checking each other out. I think I was the only one using the fish eye lens. hihi!! Anyways here are some photos taken during the Velocity Angel search. I took all the photos with the 80-200 most of them manual focus at IS800. Thats why you can see a lot of artifacts especially in areas such as the hair. So sad when I saw the results on the computer. I should have turn on the speedlite, instead of using the avaiable lighting. White balance was off too.


I think someone flashed her.

Another light source

rocker chic

I like her the best

She is so cute



The emcee, Kim Ong

I have a shot with out the flash, but I like this more. So I’m publishing this one instead.

Since I was using manual focus, she moved forward and I could not focus fast enough. I like the mood here tho.

Like this shot the best. The few following shots were of her smiling straight at my camera. WOW.

I did bring my cyber shot t90 as well. I purposely brought it to take video with. Since its capable of 720dpi video. :) I must say, its not too bad. Only issue is that it heats up really fast and drains the battery very quickly too. Check out the video I uploaded to youtube.com


Oh, by the way, the gal that one was my fav, Felixia won. Congrats.




This post is another back log blog for 27th September 2008. Almost up to date!!!

So after I came back to Kuching, I went off to Kuala Lumpur again, heh~ I was only home for like 2 weeks in September 08. I stumble upon another event in KL. Well, I guess there is an event every weekend in KL. One of my friends was working at one of the booths, so I knew that there was an event in advance. It was my last day in KL  for that trip. Therefore I only had one morning to shoot some photos.

U-mobile is really pulling out all the stops. They are EVERY WHERE.

Gamers trying out online games

There were about 30 booths for games from many local publishers / resellers. Most of them are pushing online games. Probably those game were ported from Korea or Taiwan. 

Funny that Sony with their PS3 (just officially launched in Malaysia) but Nintendo was there with Wii and WiiFit.

Then there were the anime fans and cosplayers. I only managed to grab a few pics as I was there quiet early and it was the first day of the event.

Guess who is he?

This girl was really cool and poised.

This one had a lot of weapons! Spears, swords and all.

One thing to note about the convention center, the lighting was extremely harsh. I had a difficult time getting the exposures correct. Had to use the flash unit. But some how the results also was quite harsh. Only after the fact that I realised I should have tried to set custom WB. maybe that might have helped a bit.

Oh well, what is done, is done.

Gallery can be found at http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20080927-acgc/