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MBO what are you doing ?

I was looking forward to the movie "The Expendables" which opens on 13th August 2010(friday 13th). So in anticipation I went on 12th to try and purchase the tickets.

As usual I parked my car and then walked up to the cineplex area. When I turn to walk into the main doorway, it was closed and there was a sign on it.

HmmmIt seems they HAD to close for maintenance. I bet tomorrow there will be a flood of people trying to get tickets to the movie. Ugh. If you do not know what is the movie about, well probably you can have a look at the trailer below.

Yeap. That looks pretty interesting right? All those big Hollywood action stars. I wonder why this movie is not getting more coverage, even the vampire movie got more coverage. Is our society turning more metro then macho ? Oh well. That would be a topic for another day. I'm beat, its 2am and I'm still slightly buzzed. Remember to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!