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Last Wesak Day, I was invited to take some shots at a launching of a local band at Garden Hill. The event was suppose to start at 8.00pm but due to the Wesak Day procession, the event was pushed back to 9.00pm. I tried my best and seems like I keep meeting up with a wall of devotees walking creating a super duper long line of people, floats and huge traffic jam everywhere. I had to take four detours to finally reach my destination. =) worth it. The only other photo kaki of mine that went were Micklong and Desmond.

Disabled is a local band which just launched their first EP last week on the 28th May 2010. They launched their First EP at Garden Hill on Wesak Day! Which was produced all by them selves with support from friends and family. 

Souvenir from the bandBack coverSigned Inlet =)

The EP has four tracks (listed below):

  • Come back to me (English) 4:27
  • 一步一步 (Mandarin) 4:47
  • Dreams (English) 5:37
  • No one else 3:54

 Ops, someone turn on the lights please! The last time I was at Garden Hill to cover another local band called Black Alive probably in January of the year.

Here are some snapshot of the night.

Four band membersI have got to say tho, I have never had a 'technical' issue before until that night. Some how I have manage to switch my lens to manual focus. there fore all the cake shots were blur.  It didnt help that the environment was dark, I just assumed that the focus was working as it could capture. Heh! I guess I never noticed that the focus box was missing when it went to manual mode. So... my Auto-Focus was DISABLED. =) sorry guys! 


After a while the band had a rest and another one of the local bands, SLAP! came up to entertain those present with two songs. 

Desmond at the back giving me a light assist, thanks buddy!

After that we retired inside to have some beer and enjoyed the music and left soon after. Headed home, slightly buzzed. It was a good night.



Black Alive at Garden Hill

I found out about the local event happening on facebook.com. Asked my photo kaki if any one was going... turns out only Alvin & Allen were going. So I went home from work, grabbed my camera and headed out to McDonalds had a lonely dinner and then walked up to the Garden Hill Lounge & Restaurant (27 Jan 2009).

 Below is the excerpt taken from the facebook event information.

Black Alive,成立于2009年7月,由2位成员组成, 分别为主音Lizzie及第二主音兼吉他手JeRR。他们也是马来西亚第一个能尝试多种曲风的创作团体。

JeRR高中时期开始接触摇滚乐,毕业后开始自修吉他,创作。2003年开始踏入幕后工作,当中包挂为歌手写歌,编制广告歌,和玄伴唱等。2009年初,开始迈向舞台,带着乐团S-Element前往新加坡演出。他们的现场演出带动了所有的气氛,让新加坡的听众见识到摇滚乐的另一种演出方式。2009年5月,再次登上马来西亚选秀比赛的大荧幕。JeRR的创作及现场演出开始受到唱片公司的注意,最后签下了合约。之后,JeRR发现参赛者Lizzie的歌声拥有一种蛮独特的爆发力,决定把Lizzie推荐给公司。由于JeRR和Lizzie在性格和音乐上,都有一些共同点,最后公司内定把他们组成一个团体名为‘Black Alive’,这个团名的意思是‘黑暗的生存者’,或‘活在黑暗中的人’等,代表着他们的音乐旅程一直以来都是很辛苦的,只要有坚持的信念,一定会创造出属于自己的奇迹。
至于曲风方面,Black Alive除了会以Pop Rock及RnB为主,还会带来一些特别的元素,好让歌迷能见识到中文乐坛的另一种声音。

喜欢的歌手:Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Evanescense
喜欢的音乐:Pop Rock, 抒情, RnB
日常爱好:运动, 跳舞, 唱歌, 阅读。

喜欢的歌手:伍佰 & China Blue, 杨乃文,Greenday,Muse,Hinder
参与Midi编曲, 和玄伴唱等制作。
以DJ MxBass成为电音DJ,与欧美DJ合作重编,舞曲创作等。
《Gain City 主题曲》词曲,编曲。
人间音缘2007《The Ultimate》曲,编曲。
签约Fabuleux Production媒体公司,担任音乐总监。
Ryan 涂富祖《如果有一天》词曲。
Black Alive EP专辑《Black World》全专辑词曲,制作,S-Element编曲,演奏。

Here are some photos taken on my Nikon D300 + 80-200mm + SB800. This time I tried to use the CTO gells which I bought from the Nikonian Academy a few months ago. Just to give the pictures are warmer feel. I kinda like it.

someone turn on d lights! ^^The above image on the left, I was doing some editing to it. testing testing. well decided to leave it like tat. LoL.

Below was just me having fun, shooting thru glass =D

Overall I think their music was quite good. But sadly Lizzie was not feeling well and sounded a bit off. Hope she has a speedy recovery. I did take some videos with my compact camera, but I think I will not post them :P

Anyways event like this should recieve more coverage and more ppl should attend! I for one would try my best to go if there are more such events in the future.





Mid Saturday

Today is Hungry Ghost Festival +1, was suppose to go swimming today, but canceled. So instead I went with my parents to the temple to pay respects to my grand parents. Met up with my uncle's and cousins there. Spent about an hour there and then left for breakfast.

We went to this location where I have not been to for a while. When I reached I met a dealer there, what a surprise. He took his family for breakfast before going up to MJC to operate his business.

To cut the story short, the name of the place is called Hak Guan, it located at Longitude  110°20'1.59"E, Latitude 1°29'59.19"N. Heh! I didn't take photos like 'normal' blogger would but I did take GPS coordinate. So if you do not know the place but would like to go to try either the Laksa, Chicken Rice, Kueh Chap and others, you would have to either use a GPS enabled device, or Google Maps.

I had Kueh Chap. For those who do not know this delicous dish, do a search online, and I'm sure you will find many references to it by a gazillion food bloggers. Its one of those dish which I like, very porky. Definately non-halal. The taste was quite okay, I have had better, but this is definately one of my top 3 spots for Kueh Chap.

So now I'm back home. Waiting for my rechargable battires to complete charge. Then charge another set. As there is a training called "Evaluate workshop" later at Inti College from 2pm to 5pm. Well I hope I can go in and take some photos, else it would still be nice to attend such workshops. Its jointly organised by the Hornbill City Toastmasters Club and X-FAB Sarawak. Its basically to teach about how to evaluate speeches and how to give good feedback so people can improve on their speeches. How to encourgage them to improve on their strong points and watch out for their weak points, I think. I'll know for sure after I have attended the workshop.

Then probably after that I'll go for some badminton with friends. And we will see how it goes.