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Well if you still have not heard about it. Nokia is moving out of the mobile phone business and moving to content business. Sounds dramatic eh? Just kidding but they have been coming up with a lot of services in the past few years.

Actually this is about Maps on Ovi. I assume you know of Nokia Maps. Basically if your phone is using Symbian s60 and above you can download the software and use it. What’s so special about Maps on Ovi? Well, its on OVI.com the Nokia’s multimedia portal. Which covers many things from back up, to sharing, communications and now maps.

So recently I saw a blog at the beta site that asked from Mac users to try it out. On Safari. Being curious I logged in on Safari. And this is what I saw after installing the browser plug-in.

Nifty. Feels like Google Maps. and Live Maps(bet ya didn’t know Live also got maps services right? every one heard of Google Maps).

Above is showing Kuching maps

Live Maps version of Kuching City. If your interested to know what kampung is called this is your map. The rest only shows major town and cities.

Google Maps version of Kuching City :) I guess this version is the most known about of the 3. Its the most hype and I guess most used over the years.


To me all 3 looks good and all have their own specialties. But most important is the ability to use it on Mobile phones. As far as I know OVI Maps and Google Maps can be used on the mobile phone. For Ovi Maps you would of course have to get the Nokia Maps which allows the user to pre-load maps into the phone. And for Google Maps everything is grabbed from the cloud on the fly. Which makes it light weight on install but might cost a lot on the data stream