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Kuching Food Festival 2010

If you do not already know we have the Kuching Food Festival every year around August. And for the most part I do try to avoid it as best as I can. Why ? The parking is always horrible, and its nearly impossible to find seats, no matter how many tables and chairs were provided by the organisers.

This year tho I decided to have a go at it because there was a competition held by Pepsi & Sarawak Photo Arts Society (SPAS). 

1. Group PhotoI will not go into details about this years Kuching Food Fest 2010. I'm sure there are tones of material for you to read else were and I just do not want to be a bore. 

So instead I'll show you what I shot ;)

2. Mr Chin helping out at a friend's store3. Bubble tea anyone?4. Trade fair5. A friend at the trade fair6. Dont know why I like this pic a lot.. maybe I like satay!7. Love the look of the can...8. erm... erm...

9. Russian sausages10. Sausages and chopsticks11. Yes, this is how you eat a sausage. ;) *thumbs up*12. I think they saw superman flying by...13. We were sharing a long table14. George being funny15. Failed shot16. Finally got it! WOOT!

17. George is acting cute18. Cuter? 19. Walking strobist?20. Favorite of the night21. Feeling trippy22. Catch? or Catch 22?23. Catch!24. Cleaner shot25. ok, its actually throwing haha! 26. After throwing, catching we do magic! See how the Pepsi disappears???27. Surveyor shot by Alex28. Surveyor shot by Alex.29. Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi30. Saya mau Pepsi!!So we kinda ended the night by around 11plus. I guess everything thought we were going crazy because we were making a lot of noise and was flashing everyone and everywhere. 

Enjoyable night, why so much Pepsi in the photos, well you see there was a competition... I'll talk about that later... maybe next week.



Note: Photos was taken with Nikon d300, 10.5mm, 17-55mm, 50mm with SB600, SB800, SB900 and some Canon speedlights (540ex, and 580ex ?).

Kuching is happening

For the past week or so, the traffic is getting heavier and then if you were to drive around the center of the city you would notice an increase of the tourist around. I was wondering if the Interhash was happening then realise that there was a lot of tourist wearing red and had a wrist band walking about. That was when I realise the hash was happening. 

Then yesterday during lunch with Lionel, he said that the gathering place was at the Civic Center. I decided not to go but later in the day found out few photography friends went and shot some photos and posted up at their face book pages. 

Photo by Uncle JongAs you can tell from the photo the hashers had their usual fun, even under heavy rain. Few years back when they came down to Kuching, they basically stopped traffic when they ran thru the city. LOL! I wonder if will see them around town later. 

On another note, tonight there will be a party down at the poolside of Grand Margherita. Well the party starts at 5pm. 

Borneo Funk FestHere is the official write up from bff.com.my and their facebook page.

The Borneo Funk Fest ‘10 (BFF ‘10) happening this weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of July will feature a line up of tributes to few of pop music’s greatest acts direct from the United Kingdom! Held by the poolside of Grand Margherita, the BFF ’10 is packed up with entertainment for the serious partygoers - young and old.

Other than the diva tributes, performances by local and international DJs will also be featured throughout the weekend, so we’ll be able to keep your feet on the dance floor all the way into the wee hours of the morning!

We are also on the lookout for a future Male & Female BFF ambassador that could represent the beauty, as well as the funk that us crazy Borneans instill in us. So if you ladies and gents think you’ve got what it takes, give us a shout-out and show us what your mama gave you during the funk fest! So attention seekers, please take note.

The theme for the weekend fest would be anything and everything that is out of this world! So just like the mother monster Lady Gaga and the material girl Madonna herself, we would be on the lookout for the best dressed Gaga’s and Madonna’s out there to enhance the funkiness of the party! So whether it be Coca-cola cans in your hair or Bikini’s that shoot out sparkles, bring it, because this would be your only chance to get funky and get away with it.

Not really the theme party type? Doesn’t matter. It’s the weekend and we all know that you could use a good party after a weeks work. But this wouldn’t just be any party, so give it a shot and trust us in saying that you would want to bring your camera for this festival.

Attendance for the fun, freaky and beautiful is compulsory. So be ready to unleash the funky monkey in you at the Borneo Funk Fest 2010!

For more information on this funktastic event, please contact 016 856 2769 or 082 377 022

Ticket prices at RM50 and RM80 at the door. Or register with us for the BFF Ambassador Search for confident, stylish, funky and fun loving individuals at a discounted rate of RM35 for two nights and party at the same time. All you have to do is show us what it takes for you to be the ambassador of the Borneo Funk Fest and stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to RM1,000.

Sweet. Sounds like a lot of fun. But I don't know how to be 'funky'. So I may just turn up as my usual self. :P Madonna, Lady Gaga(impersonators)! Should be fun!

Not forgetting the big ass event coming up next week. The RWMF. Still contemplating to go or not. I missed the event last year, and as the years pass by the locals are complaining more and more of the ever rising price. This year its Rm 110 for one day pass. Last year was RM 100, and RM 90 before that. 

Its going to be a busy month!



Early Sunday

Woke up at 6.03am this morning when I received a text message from my friend, "Dood I'm outside". So I got out of the bed and went to the toilet. Splashed water on my faced and took my camera and left the house. When I got outside, I saw the sun rising, the clouds were gorgeous. With multiple colors.

Awesome colors in the morning

After we reached our destination I went out and try to spot the sunrise. I could not find it. =)

empty roadAfter few hours of mucking about went back home at about 8am. Tried to sleep. After 30 mins was awakened by the mom. -_- oh well. Seems like another long day.



Wesak Day Celebrations 2009 - Kuching

:) it was my first time taking photo’s of Wesak day celebrations in my home town. All this while I have been avoiding it because of the traffic jam which is usually associated with it.

I already uploaded the images to the gallery, click HERE to jump directly to it.

The procession started to gather at the Jubilee Ground, Kuching. People started to gather from 5pm onwards. Things started to roll about 6pm or so.

The skies looked like it was going to give us a wash. But in the end, it didn’t even rain to the relief of many people.

Prior to the “flag off” many of those who are participaing were practicing their moves and chants.

Spotted this adorable young lady standing all alone, calm.

The 2 images below very funny. The young girl was agitated by the photographer taking her photo :D

Hi Foosi of http://foosi-captured.blogspot.com/

Sweating for a cause

One of my most fav shot of the day.

This is my other most fav shot of the day. hahah! sunset over the city. WOW!

Hah~ another of one of my fav shots of the night!

The procession went on from there to a few roads around the city and then ended at about 930 pm. I was not there, as soon as 80% of the teams rolled out I also had to go as there was another event which I wanted to shoot. But that is a post for another day~

Cheers! and happy wesak day everyone!