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Classic Car Convoy

Last Sunday a bunch of Classic Car enthusiast gathered to drive up to Telaga Air (about 35 km away from Kuching City). Everyone gathered at RH Plaza before 7am. 


It was pretty cloudy when I arrived. There were many VW Beetles and Mini's. Only 1 Toyota Celica when I arrived. I quickly ate kolomee. And started to shoot a few photos. Thinking I would do a nicer cover once I get to Telaga Air.

Boy was I wrong because once we started our journey it started to rain. And it did not stop until late afternoon. 


VW kombi


VW Beetles






Nice tires.


Japanese Mustang... lol Toyota Celica TA28


Black beauty. Totalling 5 Celicas in the convoy. :)


Triumph (ugh! don't pay attention to the rubbish!, too late!)


Mini Moke

Anyways regret didnt shoot more photos you can find the rest of the photos in my facebook album. 48 images. We spent about an hour there, chit chatting. Was hoping for the rain to stop. But it did not. So we all drove around a bit to Matang, then I left. It was very wet.

Below is a video I spliced together, captured using my very abused Sony DSC-T90 digital camera. Too bad it was raining, else I could have gotten more footage. Enjoy, oh do watch in HD. I went out in the rain to catch the footage.

Hopefully more convoys to come this year!