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Victorinox SAK

I love Victorinox Swiss Army Knifes. I got my first one when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. Given to me by my dad. It was white in color, which was pretty rare during that time. 

This would be my 3rd Swiss Army Knife. The white one was lost in a taxi during my trip to KL. I was devastated. The second one which I bought locally was a red colored one was confiscated at airport. I forgot to put it into my luggage =( This was the third one, hopefully the final one. Black beauty, couldn't resist when I saw it in Jakarta. What more to say it was on 20% off!

I probably wont need to use it these days. I dont even carry out the Victorinox SwissCard, unless I'm travelling. 

And its so beautiful. Haha, couldn't bear to lose another one.


Very sharp blade. I have always wondered how to sharpen it when it gets dull. I know that you can get the tools to sharpen it, but still you would not be able to get it as sharp as precission machine sharpened. 

So I guess I'll be keeping it in the box in my drawer. =)

Oh in case anyone is wondering this is the 1.3703.3 Black Climber.


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