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20081228 Jongs Crocodile Farm

Finally the last posting of an outing in 2008. Now its 17th Jan 2009. WOW talk about being backlogged.

Well I just came off the plane from Kota Kinabalu few hours ago, so cut me some slack here. I need to try to earn a living also.

There was an outing on the 28th December 08. Organised right after we hit Doulos during dinner time. The initial plan was a group wil head to Kampung Skuduk or Giam, I cant recall which and another group will go to the Jong's Crocodile Farm(they dont have a website!). Actually I have never been to the crocodile farm, so obviously I went to the crocodile farm.

We met up at seventh mile food court (Siang Siang) and gathered. Those who went were, Alvin, Derbe, Desmond, Guan, Irene, Alvin's friends (2x) and Me. But when we reach there we found Alex, Stephen, Micheal and Methos there as well. hehehe they have decided not to go to Kampung.

I didn't realise there were many other animals there besides crocodiles to shoot. =P That's why I never really bothered to go. Glad I finally went.




Here are some pics which I like from the outing




Showing its pearly whites.




Whatcha looking at punk!




Look at them ANIMALS... looking in.. or out... HAHAHA! Irene, Guan, and Desmond




This was taken during feeding time of the huge lizards. I like this pic the best because of the fly at the meat. If you look carefully you might spot it, to the left of the meat. Wooo... missed by inches~

Alex up to his old tricks!


Of course with Irene around, the photographers could not stop shooting her. When Desmond started to have a go at the hut, he was trying to catch the foreground and background together. To which I suggested to him using flash. Because for my Nikon d80 its possibile to do a high speed flash sync thingy which allows the shutter to go beyond 1/200s with flash. After a few tries, me being nosy whipped out my SB-800 flash and switched it to SU-4 mode. And when Desmond took the frame, my flash popped as well :) creating interesting  effects. No umbrella's needed nor used!

Then came along Alex with his fisheye. He also got in on the action. By then Steven also whipped out his SB-800. And here are the results. Which I stole from Irene's multiply page. Dont know why There are some pixels coming in from the left. I think her copy got some problems.



This is Stephen



This is Desmond



This is Cecilia Kiwi



This is Methos



This is IRENE, obviously.



Last but not least, ME!

In case you have not noticed, my Oakleys has become props for the guys! Except for Irene and Cecilia :)

hehehe well just a quickie post. You can find the rest of the photos in the Gallery. Feel free to comment and link back on the comments area below. Its much appreciated!