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and the next day

Warning: Yet another image intensive post.

Well woke up bright and early the next day. Had a conference call with HQ in my budget hotel room. Checked out and waited at the lobby for about 30 mins or so for Yue Ee to arrive. The plan was to go to Singapore again! This time round with Regina. Another colleague from JB.

First meal of the day.


These guys were sticking their “Call for personal loan” stickers everywhere! The BERHENTI sign, the road sign, the pole. Everything and anything. I was surprise that they didn’t stick it to themselves! And they have good budget too (for sure this sort of business). Oh well… if you want to borrow some money, go look at the public property, chances are you can find some “useful” numbers there.

The previous day it was only myself, Yue Ee, and Aslina. The second day, Regina also took leave like the rest of us, to go down to Singapore. And she even offered to drive us down. Thanks Regina. Much appreciated!



After a nice late lunch we headed out walking towards the famous Orchard road. Guess what Yue Ee bought? Ice cream again! Cheaper than china town by SG$0.50! Crikey!

Ice cream ?



me… by Aslina HAHAHA! the cap makes me look like a duck!

Always wanted to do this


Aslina crying cos we are leaving Orchard and she didn’t buy her LV bag.

Regina looking cool

All in a line now



Hello sir, what are you looking at ?

Regina: can see meh ?


National Geographic Society (Singapore)

This was not post processed effect. I spent too long in the National Geographic exhibits that my lens got a cold.

Pua Chu Kang wanna be ?

Snowman in Singpapore

Mechanical giants

Yue Ee posing

Aslina & Regina : WE ALSO WANT TO POSE!

Me First


Victory pose

Trying to do an Aslina

This suit her more :)

My turn again lar!


Sun was setting really fast.

This uncle so tired can sleep when sitting there hor… poor uncle

sun went into hiding

eh… Mr Choo?

Who is this? So Cute V^__^V


The guy at the end there has a lomo cam!!! Walk also got different wind lor

Me… cam whoring

What is that black thing in the middle there

Eh.. this makes me look like Ugly Kid Joe lar!!!


Strange place where people dip their feet into the water on top of the building.

So after that we headed back to JB again. We reached about 9pm or so. Where Regina left and went back home. Yue Ee bring us to eat hawker food.


This is the regular size. I dare not to imagine what is LARGE like!

Not too bad, when hungry anything goes!

So that ends my journey to Singapore. A journey which I had not taken since 2004. I met Grace in Singpore back then. I met her in Kuching last week :) As I’m blogging this post, she is in Singapore.



Two weeks ago


After posting the post about new gear at 6am. And nearly missing my flight again. I headed down to Johor Bahru (JB), there was training and I arrived earlier so I could jalan-jalan cari makan.

I have not been to JB for a while, maybe a year or so ago? Cant really recall. In any case they had a really nice airport the last time I was there. This time round it looked quite different as the terminal was under renovation.

Just a 3 minutes walk.

Seemed like an eternity if they didn’t put of the signs along the way. :)

Pick-up area

Outside the pick up hall

Finally after 3 mins of dragging my luggage around. I reached the pickup area. It was more like a warehouse than anything else. Everything was bare minimum. Just until the renovations are completed I guess. The last time I was in JB, the first thing I ate was the wantan noodles. This time round it was…

Simple and affordable meal

After my meal, I went to check into my budget hotel. Me and You Ee hang around for about an hour before Aslina came arrived. After she got to the hotel, we went out to eat again.

Tired smile.


Even the soft toy was also smiling

Why is everyone smiling? Well because after taking the meal we were headed towards…



heavy traffic


It was sunday and the traffic was… quite heavy, we were stuck in the process for about 1 hour plus. All the PSPing in the car made me hungry, so the first thing I did when we parked the car was to look for food!

And my first meal when I reached Singapore for the first time since 2003/4 was….






Singapore Chicken Rice!

LOL! Yes after walking about in Causeway Point I decided to try out the chicken rice, of all things right? hihi! its not bad.



View of Causeway Point from the MRT LRT station

ME waiting for the MRT LRT to arrive

Steal snap in the MRT LRT.

Me and Yue Ee at a transit point

Aslina and Yue Ee buying ice cream at China Town

China Town

All along the way, I never took out my dSLR. All pictures above were taken using my near gear. :-) there are just some thing that the compact just cannot do. I borrowed the 10.5mm Nikkor Fisheye lens from Alex especially for this trip. I wanted to shoot Singapore slightly different from always.

Love her expression.

Yue Ee’s supper, curry laksa

Me trying to be funny

Heading back to the LRT station

Me buying my ticket

Aslina wondering where to go

“Ah! we need to get there”

Tried to get a shot without ppl. Kinda hard in Singapore.

Me hanging on to the tiang for dear life :P

Love this shot a lot. Too bad it was slightly blurry.

Rushing to catch the connecting train!

First time in my life experience become sardine in Singapore LRT. It was still not as bad as a few trains we spotted. Speaking of which, I had my dSLR hanging from my neck and this guy in the train saw me, I saw him too. After a while, he too took out his Canon dSLR. Hmm… What does this mean ? I’m a tourist okay!? HAHA!


Faster! Next plateform!


Final Leg of the way.

Aslina and Yue Ee buying me a small birthday cake. Awww…

Enjoying her Rice Burger

It had been a long and tiring day. We left Singapore and headed for JB. By the time we reached our hotels it was nearly midnight. I stayed up till 2 am doing reports for the next day.

More images to come. Took about 1200 images for the duration of the trip