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My Apple iMac died

So last Thursday, after finishing up a photo assignment, I came home about midnight, very tired. Showered and wanted to check emails for a while, only to find that the computer was not responding. It was warm to the touch. At first I thought that there was a power outage, maybe the power supply was cut and the computer didn't reboot. I pressed the start button, after a while, I was greeted not with the familiar Apple logo, but in its place was a folder icon with a question mark on it. Being the first time encountering this situation, I was quite curious, thinking to myself maybe the boot sector or something got corrupted and it could not find the hard disk, or it could be a physical problem.

First time opening up my iMac.

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a new begining

So if you have noticed in my previous posting. I was getting rid of the old computer. And of course I could not live with out one! There is no way I can keep using my company issued one either for personal usage. As I like to test a lot of software and well, it might be corrupted and infected or something and I will lose all my work data! no no. I'm scared of losing data. All the hard work we put into it.

Actually I was clearing it to make way for the spanking brand new computer.







*Apple iMac*

Yes, I have finally moved over to the Mac side. After using it for 2 days, I must say. It's very intuitive and user friendly.

The OS X is fun and interesting. I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts on the Windows OS. Well, strangely enough I find it over on OS X, while some modifier keys are different it actually feels better to do it on a mac. Some how it feels more comfortable than on a windows system.

*Unboxed beauty*

Best part about it out of the box it only uses ONE power cord! The boot up is ridiculously fast. Everything is really shiny and nice. Watching movie (downloaded ones, divX) on Frontrow was fantastic.

*Super slim keyboard and Mighty Mouse*

The keyboard is very light to touch. Mightly mouse is okay, I like my Microsoft laser mouse better, but I'll give the Might Mouse a test for a while.

*Ahh.. its booting up!*

Finally, no more searching for drivers, blue screens of death(BSOD), no more virus, no more trojans! YES !

I broke, but I'm happy!