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portraits in miri

I was in Miri a few weeks back and had the good fortune to meet up with a few photographers in Miri. Also I was lucky enough as Irene arranged for a portrait shooting on Saturday morning.

DaSolve and Irene came by the cat hotel to pick me up. And we drove up to meet the two pretty models Alice and Hui Hui.

This is ALICE

This is Hui Hui

When we reached the park the sun was no where to be seen and there was a lot of grey cloud over the park. DaSolve quickly whipped out the reflector and we tried our best to direct the models, turns out me and DaSolve were quite clueless about posing the models, well especially me. The poses in the gallery is all DaSolve's hardwork :D

After about an hour the weather was warming up. So we all decided to take some rest, as everyone was sweating. So Irene suggested that we move to another location. A hotel! sweet, air condition. Only question on our minds was if the management would not allow us to do shoot in their lobby. Anyways we went over and gave it our best effort.

It was quite fun as when we arrived, DaSolve produced his new toy, a remote trigger for his flash unit. So we were all trying to figure out the best way to position the speedlite to get the right effect. Well his results were much better than mine.

Here are some random shots I took at the hotel.

The Pretty Gals...

The shocked couple!!

The crazy ones...

All images uploaded to the gallery Alice & HuiHui :) DaSolve's images are here.


Thanks for a good time Irene. Nice meeting you again DaSolve. Nice to meet you Alice & Hui Hui, you gals are great !